HOT ENGLISH MUSTARD: Kojima’s daily-driven AE86 Levin

October 29, 2014 6:34 pm Published by

You might have seen the AE85 I picked up recently in one of the posts below this one. Check out the daily-driver that belongs to the guy I purchased it from!

The owner’s name is Kojima, and he’s an old-school drifter who quit for many years, but recently decided to get back into it. I visited him recently to pick up some extra paperwork for my new car, and I took some photos of his daily driver, this rather nice Levin coupe.

A Grip Royal wheel was chosen to complement the mustard-yellow paintjob. Kojima said he picked the colour because he thought it would be subtle, but it ended up being quite attention-getting.

Since it’s a daily, heavy steelies are no problem to roll on. These are based on Toyota light truck wheels, and were banded by Kamagaya Wide Wheel.

The specs are 185/55R Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 on 14×9.5J -23.

Since the rims stick out a bit, Kojima has been pulled over a couple of times and fined for them. Rims protruding from the guards, known as “hamidashi” is a fairly common reason for modified cars to be pulled over in Japan.

This is his daily, but you can see some of Kojima’s driving in his circuit car in this video. Watch for the constantly dirt-dropping matte-brown hatch out in front.

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