CRUSHED BEER CAN: The Noriyaro R32 at Ebisu

October 16, 2014 7:52 pm Published by

I’ve been throwing my R32 GTS-t Skyline practice car at Ebisu’s walls for almost three years now, and it’s still going strong. I’m wondering if I should sell it while it’s still running and get something new or keep it and fix it up a bit. Either way, it’s been a beast!

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  • Colin Watson says:

    Yo Alexi you might never read this, but I’m just some American kid who wants to get into drifting and when I first started watching the Noriyaro channel on YouTube i was amazed at the level of Japanese drifting. The guys in Japan are on a whole other level!!! Basically drifting Samurais!! But PLease keep your R32 missile its fuckin badass!! When I first saw the North Course Drift at Ebisu I fell in love with that car!!! I really started watching this channel because of the Noriyaro Raw Drift Ep. 1 ….but the sound the RB Grumble in that R32 is priceless. Us viewers really appreciate what you do. Keep drifting fun man!!! (p.s. if you wanna sell it,sell it to me) but please keep it!!!

  • Jimy Mcnew says:

    Yeah fix it up and run it till the wheels fall off!!!

  • Vitaly says:

    Hello there!
    If You’ll read this one –
    how about to buy a wrecked skyine 33 and combine?
    make an R323!?
    Base will still your trusty R32, some of interior (maybe parts of driveline/engine) from R33 and, of course, 33’face lift!

  • Conshence says:

    To tell you the truth man, that R32 is still sick (loving the Asahi-inspired name on the door too).
    If its worth anything, I’d suggest keeping it. I’ve seen how you have changed over the years, and if this beautiful matsuri is how you’ve become the guy with my dream job you are today, hold onto it with one hand on the car and another on a toolbox. Adjust and develop small parts only when needed, and that beast will grow with you more as you with it