FIRECRACKER: Car Make Rasty’s 86 at the HKS Meeting, part II

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Not even one lap into the 86 session at the HKS Meeting, and the Rasty 86 is being towed back to the pits. Could the overly-long 1.5km front straight at Fuji Speedway be to blame?

The front glass was completely covered in a film of oil.

“So I was flat out at the end of the straight, then the engine went boosh and the car stopped.”

Well, let’s push it back into the pit bay and see what went wrong.

The long walk back.

Check the Mark II Blit and Zero Crown cars in the background. Those are Rasty customer cars that were entered in amateur class.

Everyone was all sheepish grins when the car was towed back to the pits, but they got a bit more serious once it was time to open up the bonnet and see what happened.

Just follow the trail of oil and see where it leads.

There’s your problem.

Before anyone says “Yeah, it’s a Subaru engine”, that’s not what I meant.

There’s not supposed to be a hole there. That’s not a factory-spec crack either.

“Fuji’s front straight is pretty tough, eh.” said Arita.

Here’s a couple of pics straight from Rasty. The number two conrod let go and did a Mike Tyson on the inside of the block.


At least the piston seems to have survived though. The engine has obviously already been stripped down, and a new block is sitting in the Rasty workshop ready to go in.

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