YES WE CELI-CAN: Kawashima Celica, 2014 version debut

January 10, 2014 8:02 pm Published by

The first question to my mind is “where the hell can we go from here?”


When I saw it the other day at Car Service Hiro, it was still sitting on wound-up suspension, and with a few finishing touches to go. I didn’t think it was going to make the Tokyo Auto Salon, but sure enough, it arrived in the parking lot this morning.

While I was taking a few photos of it, literally every single person who walked past either said something along the lines of “what the hell is that?!” or stopped and took a photo.

The front fenders remind me either of a MiG-29 fighter or the spaceship from that 1980s classic movie, “Flight of the Navigator”.

I was told the fender arches have been designed so the wheel just barely clears at lock. It looks like there’s a little bit of rubbing, but that should be sorted soon, I’d imagine.

Daaa daaa daaaaa…da da daa daa daa daaaa…da da da da da daa daaaaa daaaaa da da daaaaaaaa!

That’s the Back to the Future theme.

The huge fenders make the camber look not quite as extreme as the previous incarnation, but it’s just as silly.

Once again, a bit of rubbing, but that’s to be expected. The car was so rushed to make it that the rim lips were still covered in the sticky remains of protective gaffer tape that had been hastily ripped off.

If anything, it’s the front end that’s amazing now.

Next time, drifting shots? Video? I’ll see what I can do.

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  • Maka says:

    Pushing the limits. Whether you like it or not there is respect due, and clearly a shit-load. Without people like Kawashima, current car culture would be a lot less creative and interesting.

    I’m sure seeing this driven in person is up there with seeing the second coming of Jesus.

  • rodney says:

    the time and work thats gone into this thing is nuts and fully payed off. and that above front end shot would put a horn on a jellyfish

  • Gus says:

    While I can appreciate the aesthetic, honestly the sooner this ridiculous fitment craze dies off the better

    • Fantomu Panda says:

      Why do you say “the sooner the better?”
      If you don’t like it, then its not your problem, and if its not your problem, then you have no real reason to say that.
      For example I hate roaches, but I’d never say “the sooner all roaches go extinct, the better.”
      I just kill them and move on. But in your case, just ignore the things you dislike. But the stance and fitment community Is the fastest growing car scene ever. It has surpassed rat rods, mini trucks, lowriders etc. So there’s no way it can physically stop existing. This is just the beginning.

    • Zeoric says:

      But that’s exactly it. Pushing the limits. To be honest, I do hope there is more people daring to be different and individual, by not doing stuff by the same method, which would be a rather boring option.

  • iamtougehero says:

    So crazy!!!!!

  • Zaher says:

    the car is a work of art just sitting still but to imagine this drifting is a totally different level of awe. you have my respect, Kawashima-san.

  • Ed says:

    My god, I saw some WIP shots but it still didn’t prepare me for this. It’s awesome.

  • crinale says:

    went back to look at the yellow incarnation. was badass before but now looks really really tame. the definition of a car had to be expanded to include this thing.

  • Neuri says:

    The wooden steering wheel is a bit extreme

  • OtakuHunter says:

    Nori Yaro, love the drift pics and would love to tag some on facebook. However cant find no info about you, your facebook page is empty and find any info about who you really are. Is there any “profile” about you around?

  • Shipa24RUS says:

    Alex excellent! Hello from Russia!

  • Sssandr says:

    Omg!!!! What size this wheels??? 22″? And what width?

  • RobertCop says:

    Hope it’s a VVTLi so it’s actually able to haul all that sh*t around.
    On second thoughts I hope not…