SAN-YONMERI: No-rust retro Skyline

April 3, 2013 11:02 pm Published by

(Click for 1080 image)

What happens when someone likes Yonmeri Skylines and kyusha style, but doesn’t want to deal with rust and carburettors and a lack of spare parts?

They do this to an R34 four-door! External oil-cooler, GT-R badge, silver flake bumper vents, musical zokki horns, some SSR ronshan wheels and a Hakosuka rear wing.

(Click for 1080 image)

It’s pretty obvious from the window stickers that the owner is a Yonmeri fan. Speaking of that, have a look at this real Yonmeri that I voted my favourite car of the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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