NORMAL PEOPLE ARE COMING: 17 Crown after a big night

March 24, 2013 11:30 pm Published by

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As much as I know people are keen on seeing it, actual street drifting is a bit sketchy to put up at the moment due to some recent incidents.

To make up for that, how about a video of the boss of Tokyo’s most notorious street-drift team ripping up the front straight at Tsukuba Circuit?

Check back on Monday.

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  • Ali says:

    Getting bad vibes off “recent incidents”… Anything you’re able to elaborate on without putting anyone in a questionable light?

  • Chris says:

    Something about an accident in the Tokyo Bay area that has drawn the interest of the police, from what I’ve read. From the crypticness of everyone talking about it, it doesn’t sound so good…..

  • Stephen says:

    The Crown would be the ultimate Q Car. Just put some white embroidered covers on the seats and a chain-smoking middle-aged guy at the wheel (with his wife in the back), and it would look like loads of other Crowns in Japan.