KEN BUROKKU-CHAN: Rally Itasha WRX drifting

December 4, 2012 12:02 am Published by

No matter how many times you see something and say “only in Japan”, it just keeps on happening.

With that said, here’s an itasha WRX doing some yonku (AWD) drifting at Honjo Circuit.


It was being driven by a guy named Hatano. Since his rally season was over, he decided to use up his leftover rally tyres and burn them up at an open track day at Honjo Circuit.

He was able to get it to counter going into the corners fairly well with that typical “it looks like there’s rocket thrusters attached to the back” motion that AWD rally cars have on tarmac.

Most of the time though, the front wheels were in a state of zero counter or mild understeer

It was a lot of fun to watch him, as he was playing around with entries and angles in order to go as fast as possible through the corners while sliding.

So why sticker it up with characters from the novel/manga/anime, “Sword Art Online”?

Hatano said that he is a privateer, so rather than leave the car blank with no sponsor stickers, he decided some itasha graphics were a good idea.

Works for me, as long as he does stuff like this with it.

I didn’t even want to get this close to take this photo. That’s a proper Advan A035 rally tyre there about to burst.

Heres some of the previous victims.

Why? Why not?

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