LEFT TO ROT: Behind a track somewhere in Japan

June 4, 2012 1:20 am Published by

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This post was written by Alexi


  • Scott Kelley says:

    looks like some good projects

  • Mark Pakula says:

    This makes baby jesus cry.

  • michael says:

    SW20 and a NA6 🙁 poor cars

  • Tim says:

    far out, lol.
    though probably “pretty common” in japan though Alex yeah?

    I notice a Gti-R hiding in the back there too. Looks like a former racer too…

  • nick says:

    i think abandoned race cars at tracks is probably one of the most fascinating things about japan. how does it happen?

  • Azka says:

    “Sad, isn’t it?” Katz,Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • ca16uk says:

    I’m also fairly intrigued by what seems to be an open-wheeler under a sheet in the foreground…

  • chris-sxe10-drifter says:

    The march was the first thing that i spotted haha

  • Shinigami says:

    Alexi, would you be so kind to do a post describing to us, why are these cars get abandoned. I know there is a huge amount of such cars around various tracks.
    Sw20 is …. Its damn rare to be rotten like this.. 🙁

  • Alan says:

    This is a sin!!!

  • Group says:

    Cool Pulsar in the back.

  • Axesent says:

    Damn! See so much of that In Japan, I want to save them all…That GTiR might be a good start 😀

  • tyler says:

    This makes my heart sink. ive owned all 3 of those.

  • dime says:

    We need a wallpaper of this, Alexi

  • Weasel says:

    Think about it this way; In any country where cars are built, there is always an abundance of those cars that end up in junkyards.
    Japan just takes the whole middle step of towing your wrecked or blown racer to a yard and just has wrecking yards at a few of their race tracks.
    I remember seeing a video a LONG time ago where the parting scene was a rolling shot through one of these yards. All sorts of quirky Japanses cars lined up to rot. Americans would have a field day in any one of these lots.
    The Japanese just see it as progression. They don’t cherish old things like most other cultures (especially if those old things aren’t 1000+ year old Empire relics). They are all about the future and what’s to come.

  • Josh says:

    I wouldn’t mind a GTi-R! any more pics from down there?

  • KanaX says:

    A very very sad picture… A lonely graveyard.

  • TylerTrash says:

    whats sitting under the tarp just behind the Mx-5? 0_0

  • jesus manuel says:

    Greetings from Dominican Republic on reality that picture makes me ill if I could bring those old school in my country there is no reality here and watch as they nurse

  • Shaggy says:

    The cars rotting is sad, but the pic is amazing.
    +1 for making this wallpaper.

  • clinton says:

    isn’t ebisu, that’s a formula vee/ford right there.

  • paulo cuento says:

    if japan would sell all of these “junk” (if that’s how they put it) to other countries… they could easily recover from the disaster last year..especially these cars are kinda rare and sought after in other neighboring countries