YOKOHAMA SMOKO: Kumakubo’s C33 Laurel

May 9, 2012 6:31 pm Published by

Every single time I’ve seen the Team Orange Laurel recently, it seems to be followed by an enormous white cloud.


You know you have angle when the smoke seems to be going backwards and you run out of neck movement! This wasn’t a spin, believe it or not.

Like I posted up on the Facebook page recently, if you have 1000hp, you might as well use it!


He was also one of only two drivers, the other being Daigo Saito, who were doing powerskid-style starts at the recent Odaiba D1GP.

“Sunday was an exhibition round! The points don’t matter, and there’s no reason to do a regular non-wheelspin start. Smoke and noise is what the crowd wants to see, so we should give it to them!” he said.

Obviously, Naoto Suenaga and Jake Jones agree.

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  • fury-s12 says:

    Cue wallpaper request flood

  • Rezz says:

    Awesome pictures and a nice quick post!

  • sofried says:

    hello alexi, great post and photos (as always) that laurel is one cool car.

    would you happen to know what is happening with mr nakamura after the incident at nagoya? I’ve heard rumors of his sponsorship being revoked and dmax taking some of his cars or some nonsense?

    would be great if you could shed some light on this although i understand it maybe something you’re not able to speak about

  • Azka says:

    I wish the smoke was in orange LOL

  • sam says:

    wow, its really look like spinning.. awesome!

  • Nev19 says:

    I like this car; it’s clean, well-proportioned and fairly tasteful visually, but I have to ask:

    Has anyone besides me ever noticed that the older, less-cool-looking vehicles are usually more highly regarded?

    Such as the R32 Skyline being more popular than the arguably-better-looking (at least, in my opinion) R34?

    There’s one thing I love about Japan, though.

    Over there, you can put a big-ass wing and ground effects on a SEDAN and nobody will give you shit. Try that in America, and you’re King of the Rice Boys.

    Of course, we might be able to pull it off if we actually GOT cars like this one to mount wings and effects on. Big wing on a Laurel or Cefiro…okay, cool.

    Same thing on an LT1 Impala SS or Crown Vic, and it’s dude, what the fuck?!

    I assume this thing is running some sort of RB?