UNDERSTATED: Top Secret GT-R at the HKS Premium Day

May 15, 2012 12:52 am Published by

What sort of reaction do you think you’d have when the 1000hp R35 GT-R you built did a 1’46.688 around Fuji Speedway while wearing the standard Dunlop run-flat tyres, then hit 325.7km/h on the front straight? Keep in mind that it’s just under a mile long (1.5km) and that F1 cars max out at 310km/h.

This was Smokey’s reaction.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • Tim says:


    Want to see more of this beast.


  • neuri says:

    my hero

  • Dave says:

    Thats amazing….. what a monster!

  • KipCan'tDrift says:

    Like a boss

  • Forrest says:

    Top Secret ftw

  • dr.eggman says:

    Sounds like it goes fast… straight.

  • Drifter1 says:

    The only thing 1000bhp is good for is going in a straight line yeah its amazing it goes that fast but I would take 400bhp and a machine built for cornering, something that you can daily drive too and has like a nice programmable ECU.


    It is a sweet car and a beautiful machine at the least but anything above 400 horses is just too much for me.

    Congrats to Smokey Tho :3

  • Tom says:

    Uhm… dunno, I believe this car was made as well for cornering, except big power, it also have nice aero with a lot of diffusers/splitters, much bigger brakes, etc. :3 Time this car did on normal tires is really good if we compare it to records on Fuji track…

    GT-Rs build to road fast on straight are from AMS etc, that one, on HKS parts is more full purpose car build for racing. and cornering. 😀