RUNNING IN THE 80S: Showa specials at Honjo Circuit

February 14, 2012 12:59 am Published by

It’s time to go a bit old-school at a drift event at Nikko Circuit run by some guys from a Netz Toyota dealership in Saitama.

Showa-era cars only!


All of a sudden, we were transported back to the early 90s, when NA engines were still plentiful, and drift cars looked like a spilled bag of Skittles.

While the drifting wasn’t super close, everyone kept a consistent distance, which still made it great to watch.

This guy’s Soarer had the look down, with small wheels and big ducktail wing.

Circuits don’t allow open windows any more, so we’ll have to be satisfied with a “number one” hand sign inside the car then.

He was able to smoke it up a bit too.

This KP61 Starlet was rather neat, so I was a bit surprised that it’s wasn’t street registered.

MkIIs, Advans A3As and chrome fender mirrors!

My favourite driver was this guy, doing his best poker-face drifting.

So, do you like drifting?

“It’s OK.”

How about drifting the rain?

Not one f**k was given.

How about this? Straight out of Battle Magazine.

I like it.

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