SNOWEIGHTY: Winter drifting at Ebisu Circuit with Naoto Suenaga

January 30, 2012 11:55 pm Published by

I was out at Ebisu Circuit yesterday shooting some snow drifting with Team Orange’s Naoto Suenaga. For those that know Ebisu, the East, West, and Driftland courses have all been ploughed and graded for snow drifting!


Looks like fun eh? You can go drifting all day and don’t even need to change tyres. I was shooting for Drift Tengoku mag though, so I can’t really show any more photos than this. It was so much fun however, that I think I might have to head up there in the Mark II sometime soon and have a crack at it myself.

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  • sangho says:

    Soooo rad. I’d love to do this, even AWD can drift here right?!

  • Joey says:

    Car would stay nice n cool by the looks of that snowy front mount!!!

  • Travis says:

    Could actually Overheat the radiator if has no antifreeze in it haha, intercooler coolness though ahha unless it froze inside and froze the intake haha

  • Кааалян says:

    Приезжайте к нам в Россию, у нас и покруче задрифтить можно 🙂

  • Эдуард says:

    В приморском крае снега вообще нету (:

  • jameison says:

    im in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada ,, gonna try driving my rps13 180sx this winter on a set of bridgestone blizzaks ws80…should be fun..6 straight months