CHO~TSURAICHI: Hellaflush Fuji Speedway, Part II

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Heres part two of what I saw at the Hellaflush event at Fuji Speedway. Overall, it seemed to be a very enjoyable event. Something about it just felt a bit “fresher” than the usual sort of VIP or dress-up-car events you see here.

Of course, I’ll take a drifting event any day of the week, so here’s Miura-san’s FR-converted WRX drift wagon.

Kankan’s Hawkeye.

Subaru owners take note; the guy who drives this car works at Subaru as a test driver, and is one of the people responsible for adjusting the factory handling characteristics. He’s also a rather good drifter.

Of course, Japan is where the whole stretched tyre, camber and flush thing started.

396 Ishiai was passed out in the driver’s seat when I arrived.


Here’s a spy-shot of the Cyber Evos’ front under-spoiler.

“Hey mister, what kind of bear did you say you were again?”

About ten different modifying styles have just collided.

I have a question…

How does this photo make you feel?

I like this Wagon R for some reason.

Now here’s a car that makes sense. Let’s just say you need a cheap daily to drive around in while your proper car is being worked on/is broken/eats too much petrol to use every day/keeps getting pulled over by the police.

How about a cheapo Corolla on some nice dished wheels at a sensible height? If it was white, you’d never even need to service it or even put oil in it, because it’s a Toyota.

Anyway, it was about this time when people were heading home. Now at a parking-lot event like this, you’re always going to get guys who are all gee’d up and spin their wheels as they leave.

Well, sometimes people take things a bit too far.

A couple of guys decided to start drifting on the access road around the back of the show area


Of course, everyone went out to watch.

The back of Fuji Speedway suddenly turned into the docks in Tokyo.

Yeah, this is fun and all, but…

…the problem is that it’s incredibly disrespectful, both to the organisers and the circuit.

“Would you mind stopping for a second, please?”

“Um, no.”

The worst part of this was the chap in the S14 actually had a big crash down the end of that road after security turned up. It was a bit dark when I drove past, and he was surrounded by Fuji Speedway’s patrol cars, but the car looked pretty totalled.

Don’t Be a Menace to Fuji Speedway While Leaving the Venue in Your Silvia.

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