DOES IT HURT HERE: To Aru Itasha Suki No Soukoukai at Honjo Circuit, Part II

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As the comments on yesterday’s post made obvious, a lot of you got the Laughing Man references. The thing about itasha is that they can sometimes reveal someone’s hidden power level.

Take this Silvia for example. I had no idea the owner of it was a mechanic I know named Tetsuya.

I’d always seen him wearing Thrasher caps with upturned brims, skater shorts and punk band t-shirts. It turns out he’s an over 9000 otaku!

The theme of his S14 is Strike Witches, which is basically a series based around WWII fighter planes anthropomorphised into teenage girls who have to fight an enigmatic alien enemy by using Striker Units, which are like magic-powered aeroplane engines they wear on their legs.

This character, Erica Hartmann, has a Striker Unit is based on the design of the Messerschmitt Bf-109, and she fights with a handheld MG 42. Her name is based on Erich Hartmann, an actual Third Reich fighter ace.

The reason none of them wear pants is because the Striker Units need to be in skin contact for the magic to work, and since the girls are always on call to fight, they can’t wear pants. Convenient, eh?

Sukumizu and tsuraichi. I like it.

OK, let’s take this even further now. Hayate the Combat Butler!

Whenever K-On! goods go on sale, it’s either Mio or Azunyan that sell out first.

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t get away with this in any country other than Japan.

I wonder if anyone’s made a Ritsu or Mugi itasha yet…

Here’s a useful word in Japan: zettai ryouiki.

Actually, it’s not that useful.

Remember yesterday’s Fairlady? Here’s a more common depiction of Hatsune Miku.

Yep, Skylines have a pretty tough looking…hang on, what’s that on the rear window?

Negi-iro shimapan?

So, why not cover your car in cute girls?

They’re a nice addition to the standard drift-car tribal patterns.

They might be a bit hard to explain to your girlfriend though…if you have one. Perhaps a waifu will suffice?

Although girls dig drifters, right?

The guy in yesterday’s first picture, Ukki-san, was the best drifter at the event.

He actually has a setup very similar to my Mark II, same turbo and everything.

The HKS GT2835 has good response, but it’s not much good for smoke.

Railgun fans may have noticed that the event’s name was a parody of that series. I’m more partial to Kuroko myself.

Here’s a bit of an old-school reference-nyo on this Mark II Qualis-nyo, which I might add is a Mark II only in name. Front-wheel-drive-nyo! Please, it’s a damn Camry-nyo.

Di Gi Charat’s Dejiko, Puchiko and Usada.

Bonus mini Ika Musume on the fuel filler door de geso.

These stickers are from events organised by “Ita G”, a magazine focuses purely on itasha, itabike and itachari.

Those are all hardparking events though. I think there’s another one of these itasha track events on in December. Maybe I should get some stickers made up…

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