WEEKEND EDITION: Noriyaro “MAD MAX” RC replica from Warsaw

July 9, 2011 3:57 am Published by

I received an email the other day with some photos in it that just about made my month.

Those of you who have been long-time readers of Noriyaro might recognise this.

Someone made an RC replica of my old R32!

If you still have no idea what I’m talking about read this post first, then read this one.

RC drifter Piecia from Warsaw, Poland, had a GT-R shell that was getting a bit haggard, so he decided to make a replica of my old R32 GTS-t in “2009 Summer Drift Matsuri” spec!

The detail is pretty good! The replica of the big entry sheet that everyone has to stick to their car is impressive.


That was my actual numberplate! I like the tow hook.

He made the one on the rear too. This hook is on my Mark II right now.

Shino Kouba window sticker!

I guess my car wasn’t as wide-looking as his GT-R shell is though.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw this detail.

An LED version of the patrol light I had!

Here’s what the real one looked like. If you’re interested in seeing a bit of it in action, I suggest you watch this video made by Eiji from Team Red Stage, or you could always click here to skip straight to that part of the video! WARNING! Check your volume levels first! I do recommend watching the whole video though. I’ve never seen a video that captures the feeling of Drift Matsuri or just drifting in general quite as well as this one does.

I miss my Skyline.

Straight from Tokyo to Warsaw.

Dziękuję Piecia!

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  • Killua says:

    Looks pretty cool, that dude has a great attention to detail!

    I miss the Skyline too.

  • Lord says:

    I was mega surprised when I saw this post and this picture on the homepage of the famous Nori Yaro! I am proud that my mate Piecia was here. Good job of him 😀


    Do not worry, Alexi, Nissans sucks, Toyotas have a real strong power 😀

    Keep It Sideways !

  • ad says:

    That is so freaking rad. Kudos!!!

  • SLAiNTRAX says:

    Actually this video captures it a little bit better ^^ http://vimeo.com/21731733

  • Matiz says:

    Damn! R32 is my biggest dream 🙂
    I think is because of this:

    And I’m glad that this replica comes from Poland 🙂
    High five Alexi ,and greetings for Piecia!

    Piecia pozdrowienia ze śląska!

  • Piecia says:


    Thank you Alexi.

    That inspired me videos of Matsuri.

    In Poland it will be soon “Matsuri”. In Kielce and of course in scale 1:10.

    Piecia 😉

  • Ri says:

    It’s a great refurbished car but I don’t think I understand the Mad Max reference. Good photos, though.

    –Ri of http://www.changerules.net

  • Erato says:

    I’ve always loved that car of yours 🙂 And wow, looks like there’s a lot of comments from Poland here now 🙂 So is this one, I’m proud that someone from my country made it here 😉 It’s a pity so few people drift anything other than BMWs here, though. That’s why I wanna go to Japan one day ;P


  • BlueSlug says:

    Brings a tear to my eye… I miss reading about your R32’s (mis)adventures! It reminded me of a GTS-t i had the opportunity to drive on a couple of occasions (this was back when they’d only just become legal here in Canada, they’re rather common-place now).

    Do you think you’d get another R32 if/when you decide to get rid of the JZX100?

    And props to the builder! Talk about fanaticism! 😀