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Touch Babaloiuie’s Hakosuka, and you’ll find out the real reason a dead blow hammer gets its name.

Honestly it was just a regular plastic hammer, but I couldn’t think of any clever captions.

Just a minute though, does that mean I’m back in Sydney? Yes it does, which would explain the lack of content in the past couple of weeks!

While I’m here though, I met up with Mark Boxer from the HoonTV Youtube channel (the same guy who made the 1JZ Meeting videos) while he shot some video of Bab’s Hakosuka. What that means is that those of you who haven’t seen his car in the flesh will finally get to hear it run on video soon! The noise it makes can best be described by this.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to import and restore a Hakosuka while not living in Japan, you can read about the very well-documented build on the JNC Forums, or the JDMST forums or on PerformanceForums.

Also, for any Aussie readers of Noriyaro who are coming out to the World Time Attack Challenge, I have something for you! More on that next week.


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