SEVEN PHOTOS OF SEVENS: Sexy Knights “Nanagouki” FD and “Gokiburi” FC

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This post was written by Alexi


  • chris says:

    that FD is without a doubt a decepticon. from the 80’s

  • michael says:

    would love to see that FD near ooifuto or some kanagawa street drift spots.

  • fury-s12 says:

    wow not a fan of that old FC the head lights look wrong

    also im sure this is gonna be popular question but those “ribbon” looking things on the back of the FC, what are they or what do they symbolise?

    • LozZz says:

      They sell heaps of the ribbon stickers in Japan with all sorts of designs and causes on them, ranging from charity to environmental causes to funny stuff.

      Today i saw one on a Suzuki Wagon R with a ribbon sticker saying “Support our Troops” with an American flag background…. the driver was Japanese

  • wolfie says:

    Not a fan of those headlights (Bottom)
    That said – Damn! That FD is one mean lookin piece of work!!
    The reaeer end has more fins on it than my radiator!! 😉

  • lord michael stevenson says:

    im not a rotor fan at all but this rx7 is wicked love the subtle evangelion styling all the rear hatch decals are sick

  • Uche says:

    Not really feeling the lookof these two, c’mon sexy knights, I know you have way style sense then this. The headlights on the FC are tacky : /

  • fwdtamiya says:

    Subtle anime theme? I like it

    928 headlights are not the prettiest buckets ever but I like the effort, saw the same done to a roadster before.

  • neuri says:



  • matt says:

    lol fc with Porsche styling love it

  • bry says:

    JEEEBUS can i get a wallpaper Please!! >:D

  • redsohc says:

    I like it, its like straight out of a 2D arcade shooter. At any moment i expect to see it fly, dodge insane amount of pixel bullets rain and shoot down enemy bosses 🙂

  • Zach says:

    Im pretty sure that over the FD’s right (our left) eye is the “Lance of Longinus” lol, super badass FD.

  • Simas says:

    Any photos of whet white s13?

  • Grupert Awesome says:

    I’ve always wondered who was the driver of the FD.
    I know Suzuki drives the FC,
    Miura drives the 180SX,
    I kinda figured Miura’s brother drove the FD because he used to drive that Red FC with Regamasters on it and probably moved to the newer chassis.

  • aaron says:

    man that fd has been around for a while. looks alot different now though.
    id say he prob doesnt have a tea bottle for his catch can now either…
    i remember going for ride alongs in it at the drift track at fuji.

    hey alexi, do you have any videos to show why he has that noise maker sticker on the rhs door?
    the noise this thing makes is insane!

  • Frank says:

    Sexy Knights vs Evangelion?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Shinigami says:

    Well. I dont know, thought FD reminded me as well of some transformers from my childhood, especially the way they made the hood, but FC is horrible. I do love FC’s btw, but these lights and the way it’s painted? Not the way I expect an FC to look like. :/

  • Fumi says:

    Growing up in the late 80’s/early 90’s I can totally dig those headlights on the FC. That was RE Amemiya’s signature mod back when Japan’s economy was at its peak and the tuners were busy cranking out tacky customs.

    Besides, 968 headlights on a car that is a shameless copy of the 944? Seems logical to me.

  • Fumi says:

    Well I mean 928 headlights, but my finger slipped…