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What are the things that come to mind when you think of the Bee☆R workshop? Skyline, Nissan and GT-R are probably the first three, so the owner of this car may come as a surprise.

Prepare yourself for a shock Nissan people. Bee☆R’s boss Imai-san is actually an AE86 freak at heart! This is his latest personal car that I saw at Nikko Circuit a little while ago.

As you can see, he’s very proud of it and was constantly taking photos.

He even wheeled it out onto the track before the event began and snapped a few there too.

“OK, let’s just get some from another angle too…”

Someone yelled out to him at this point “Imai-san, what are you doing out there?” to which he responded “Taking photos of the coolest Hachiroku in the world!”

The engine is a stock supercharged unit with a weird old-school HKS cast exhaust manifold with a blanked external wastegate flange. The turbo is a standard R33 GT-R unit, as Imai-san says they’re common enough to be disposable if he happens to blow one.

The front fenders are standard metal items that have been heavily modified with some flares and one-off  painted alloy sheetmetal venting.

Pretty nice eh?

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