HOW TO MAKE A ROADSTER LOOK GOOD: and still be able to drift it

June 14, 2011 1:39 am Published by

Here’s a nice-looking and driftable Roadster that doesn’t involve steel wheels, poke and unusuable camber.

Team Spirant member Nakasaka’s NB.

CST Demon Camber wheels, 15×7.5in -5.
Tein Flex coilovers, F 12kg, R 10kg

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  • Audrius says:

    Wallpaper please!

  • OMgxan says:

    I wish he would have built a NA instead of a NB… :S but it still manages to look relatively cool!

  • LozZz says:


    And yeah a wallpaper would be nice

  • drift kid says:

    imo this model is the worst looking of all of the roadsters (mx5 in australia for me) the previous model with the pop up lights (na?) is the best styled i think, this just looks like its got jellybeans for headlights, and the ridiculously stiff springs all round make me think that this car hasnt got much win to it..

  • DriftoPR says:

    Normally i dont like these…but this one looks nice.

  • Comodrofter says:

    May I ask why the japs always go the hard spring setup? I thought 12 n 10k springs in a s13 was bad but in a mx5!
    What’s the go with that alexi?

  • DaveT says:

    Nice car, crazy the wheels are called demon camber.

  • This makes me miss my NB.

    This looks much better then the pink paintwork it had before.

  • BlueSlug says:

    The tinted headlights are definitely unique! I’m going to assume it isn’t just overspray 😉

  • Tom says:

    Some people are after a comfortable ride and some people are after a stiff ride.
    If you live and breathe drift or racing you will appreciate feeling every bump and every blemish on the road.
    Whether or not it’s comfortable, you won’t care. You’ll love feeling of each stick you run over, each pebble you crush because you know you have pretty much total control and have become one with your car.

  • Matt says:

    sweet, love the color. Part 2: pics of it going sideways 😀

  • NICK says:

    all it needs is a hard top!! would love to have a play in something like this!

  • The springs would be so firm because the chassis would be 20mm off the pavement at best! So it does make sense to have such a hardcore setup.

    The OEM lip kit is very conservative, the chassis is around 50mm lower than it.

  • Jash says:

    Testify on the NAs with poke and stupid camber. Bloody Merrycans. Nice work as always Alexi.

  • huon says:


  • chris says:

    i’m feelin a whole lot of boss in a can inspired colours coming out lately. 😀 gotta love 15’s cheap tyres sits lower than fools on 17’s and gives you a much nicer ride. got the same size rubber on my ep82. Fun times

  • Rob says:

    Despite other comments, I love it! And I love NBs! That one looks so tough on small black rims.

    Was there anything going on under the bonnet?

  • jackowacko says:

    hot car love the rims , the car is perfectly lowered luv it :):):)

  • wazman says:

    The two best reasons i know of for running such a stiff spring rate are –

    A. Because it means the geometry of your wheel alighnment dosn’t change from either squating under acceleration or body roll on big throw in’s or tightening corners. It stays the same, leaving you to simply adjust the cars grips levels from tyre choice. As long as your track surface is not stupidly rough…

    B. When you kick or even massage the clutch then it usually transfers to easily controllable rear wheels spin. Stiff rate= the car just skates 🙂

    Love the look of this car! I’m inspired to keep my NB and develop it further 🙂

    What did he do with the handbrake ?

  • acampbell says:

    what is that colour? i love it!