YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG: Beached Laurel at Honjo Circuit

April 12, 2011 12:13 pm Published by

Hooray, my first lap out this session on cold tyres! Never mind, I’ll just drift this corner…

Oops, wasn’t expecting that!

Are the front wheels straight? I can’t really tell. Maybe I can spin it up and get out of this.

Nope, that just made it worse.

Better take the bumper off. No need to make this any more embarrassing.

Well here’s your problem. The car’s stuck in gravel.

Just rip it off, we’re wasting track time!

Hang on, the bumper is still buried in gravel.

OK, that’s got it.

Hey, wait wait. I’ll do a Snoop Dogg impression. “Three fourteen-inch rims is runnin’ on the side…♫”

So can I go straight back out, or do I have to go into the pits?

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