EXCITING CAR SHOWDOWN PART I: Looking, 326Power and street drifters

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Those of you who subscribed to the Noriyaro Facebook page might have noticed a few mobile uploads from the Exciting Car Showdown in Nagoya on the weekend. While I was in Kansai for another reason and didn’t have my proper camera on me, I still managed to head out and snap a few pics.

Asayan and Hitomi from Looking had a rather nice display, headlined by customer Anpanman’s reworked FD with custom-painted Z wheels.

EDIT: This car ended up being in the best top ten at the show!

Another of their customers had his 326Power-kitted Sileighty there too. Remember it from this post?

It’s not exactly the sort of thing that translates well to photos, but Asayan now does pachinko-machine-style custom animated LED tails and indicators. You can sort of see the red rings on the Type X lights halfway through a chaser animation.

Here’s the 326Power Nissan President I put on the Facebook page.

Yep, that’s mean. Work Meister M1 R if you were wondering.

The front and rear subframes are Silvia. The rear spare wheel well has been cut out so the cradle can be high-mounted. Here’s Doriten editor Kawasaki attempting to take a photo of the front subframe.

Notice the shifter? Standard Nissan V8 with a Skyline manual gearbox and adapter plate!

Of course, Haruguchi had a sampling of his recent favourite model, the S14. After going for a very simple design before with his bodykits, the new ones have a few 3D scallop designs added to them.

Lower it as far as possible, then make it work properly.

While most other drifting knuckle makers are going for a cop-proof stealth black colour, Haruguchi’s Bancho knuckles are anything but a sleeper mod.

Since we were in Kansai, you’d expect to see some old-school street drifting style on the floor.

Taped up numberplates is pure Kanjo-racer.

Super neato.

Here’s the interior with “kumicho office” style marbled paint.

Hand-cut River Side sticker and Tinker club sticker. About as Osaka as you can get.

Work’s CR 01 reissue is proving to be rather popular.

I’m guessing that’s mostly because they seem to go well with just about every car you can put it on, Honda or not.

Speaking of wheels that always suit the car they’re on…

Dear America, please stop it. Look what you’ve done.

More tomorrow.

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  • Stoney says:

    f*cccckkkk, those CR01’s!

    and that last 180 would be nice if it didn’t have the rusty hood :\

  • Grupert Awesome says:

    It’s nice to see that the Japanese like to replicate our style…
    Too bad that 180SX picked up on the lame hipster style.

  • hadie says:

    LOL @ the last 180
    american car culture wave is hitting the country of the rising sun
    the next thing you know they’ll be importing hood bras and xxr’s to japan

  • doctorsars says:

    thanks a lot america

  • Benson says:

    HAHAHAHA “Dear America, please stop it. Look what you’ve done.”

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought those same words!

  • Warren says:

    If I see a Yakima’s roof rack I’m gonna shot a bullet on my foot!

    Did you saw the Motorfix 1UZ KETO? Theres a video of it on their channel and that thing sounds sex!

  • crinale says:

    are 15s coming back in style? with the cr01’s and the supermade s15…

  • Ignited says:

    Possible car feature on the 326power S14? Keep seeing it and am really diggin the color scheme and overall look.

  • Todd says:

    Oh My God man………that President is so bitchin! I cant wait to start on my G50 this spring………oh man….I now have a gameplan. POST UP MORE INFO ON IT!!!

  • Shane b says:

    Thanks for snappin some pics of the looking sil80 alexi. Did you know the 326power cima is forsale?

  • Killua says:

    God, that poor 180SX. Rusty hood and, er, “sticker bomb”? Lame trends… *sigh*

    I would kill for every other car that was in this post though.

  • BlueSlug says:

    I’m with Grupert lol… I much prefer the VIP-ish Sileighty

  • Matt Capp says:

    @hadie: in regards to your xrr comment, obviously you don’t look at yahoo auction often. they are on there 🙁

  • Alexi, every freaking thing that you post, is sooo sweet man, and even with Japan crumbling under it’s own supports, the drifting scene is still alive and kicking. But, on a less lighter note, the water there by the Nuclear Powerplants has been tested and found to be 5.5 million times over the legal limit, the government allows…, fish is contaminated, vegetables are deadly, Alexi, Dark, wishes you the best of luck and hopefully you are safe and sound…

  • $EX¥ HAMMER says:

    As much as I hate the “trendy” shit going around the USA lately in regards to auto styling…

    I have to say that I hate the look of a Japanese classic car repainted some gaudy color with flat-face high offset 17″s and rear window blinds a la AUSFAILIA spec a lot more.

  • corin says:

    Wow that Fd is really nice.

  • michael says:

    i can’t see why you’d want to replicate that weak american style.

  • James says:

    F**k you hammer, australia has good car culture and a good enthusiast community, dont talk shit about our styling when your probs an american, especially with a name like sexy hammer.

  • $EX¥ HAMMER says:

    Comment removed by Alexi. If you want to argue about wheel fitment, go do it on the Speedhunters comments.

    • $EX¥ HAMMER says:

      Ok, how about you explain to me how me expressing my opinion about a certain segment of style from your home country is ugly to me (in response to comments directed at the gross hipster trendy rust and stickers style from mine – yeah I hate it too) warrants namecalling and self-censored profanity? Does it hurt your feelings that I pointed out the hypocrisy inherent in your shit talking?

      @Alexi, sorry dude. I stated an opinion and James decided to go ad hominem, which is actually a logical fallacy, so there was no argument.

      e HELI’m not here to start shit, there are nice cars in AUS and the US, and then there are stupid trends that come along and ruin an otherwise nice car, likLAFLUSH and AUSFAILIA. Getting all butthurt and internet tough guy isn’t necessary.

  • Roman says:

    These cars are fckn amazing xD


    LOL fucking JDM nut riders. these cars are dope of course, but to try to slam America for having its own style is just dumb. If Japan was doing it first you would have nothing to say, in fact you would be too busy sticker bombing your front lip.
    get real.

  • 15-99 says:

    love the numberplate hiding 😛