WEEKEND EDITION: Get Burst at Meihan

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You know you’re good at drifting when you can do this. Alright, so we all know Naoki Nakamura is ridiculously awesome behind the wheel, but how about seeing him drive for real?

How about going for a ride in his championship winning D1SL car on his home course?

How about taking home a signed chunk of Burst-purple fibreglass? Beer? This was after the day was over, right fellas?

Best of all, how about driving your own drift car at Meihan, and get crashed into by some of the local drivers like Night Zone’s Ucchi here?

So what’s this all about then? Well, Aussie drifter and Japan local Shane Bingham and the guys from K-Tours organised a track day at Meihan last year (yes that Meihan) after Ebisu Circuit’s Drift Matsuri and invited along some local drivers to show the Aussies how to notch rear wing uprights using only a concrete wall.

The best news is that they’re doing it again this year, so the 5th of May, 2011 is the day to remember, down at Meihan Sports Land in Nara.

For any Australian who is planning on buying a car to drive at Matsuri, and wants to ship it back home, this is the part you need to read: Shane works in a wrecking yard in Osaka that regularly sends containers back to Australia, so not only can he organise to have your car shipped down to Osaka from Ebisu, he can cut it in half and send it back to Australia, as well as any other parts you happen to pick up while you’re over here. That’s him there in the blue cap.

Shane is also able to organise drift cars to drive locally and at Matsuri, but don’t forget about Andy at Powervehicles if you’re thinking about getting a car to drive at Ebisu!

So if you’re keen to get sprayed with rubber shreds, fibreglass dust and generally have a good time down Kansai way, check K-Tours and send them a message.

Since we’re mentioning things that other people are doing today, Minto from noonefresher.com has made up some custom iPhone hard cases covered in classic Japanese wheel designs. He was nice enough to try and bribe me with one to give him a plug, but I’m still using a beat-up JDM flip-open Fujitsu, so I’ll put it up here anyway. Limited to a run of ten only, they’re available at noonefresher.com.

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  • NICK says:

    Thats f**kin epic!!!!! nuf sed!

  • dan says:

    I’ve organised my matsuri rig through shane via his blog http://driftkansai.blogspot.com/

    and have met the K-Tours guys who are all champs!

    Also that Alexi guys aight too 😉

  • Matt says:

    “Beer? This was after the day was over, right fellas?”

    Actually at the time that photo was taken I was drunk off my ass at 1pm…$10 sapporo 6 packs were my religion at that stage of the trip

    In fact Nakamura owes me one still after the bastard knocked one off the pit wall with his rear wing

  • macey says:

    looking forward to this day 🙂 its creeping up

  • evilfox says:

    Wow that must of been an epic day 🙂 If I make it to the matsuri I hope Nakamura is there and driving, that’d make my trip.

    Aslo those look like super fly I phone covers. Best i’ve seen by far for the I phone.

  • adam afif says:

    i want that purple piece of awesome signed by mr awesome…

  • scotty says:

    sweet! i’ll be there on the 5th!

  • Mike says:

    People, if you are a real fan of drifting then lets get this idiot kicked out of drifting. He’s already been arrested for dangerous driving(drifting) on streets and he hasn’t learned a thing. Drifting is a professional sport now so people competing must realize fans are gonna watch them and follow what they do. I see this idiot on YouTube completely ignoring the staff at a Car Show and going nuts. This is not cool. I am trying my best to send this video to all kinds of well known people so maybe if this gets to be a big story then something will happen.