WEEKEND EDITION: Living vicariously with Driftsquid and Smokohama

December 12, 2010 11:44 pm Published by

Straight from the camera of Hoon Media’s Mark Boxer, the editor of Phat Sliggity DVD (and the video of me at the 2010 1JZ Meeting when it comes out, which looks pretty good from what I’ve seen of it) are these couple of videos that will make those of you who haven’t entered a drift competition a long way from your home wonder why we would even think it’s a good idea in the first place, and make those of you that have think “yeah, it sucks when that happens”.

I like how unlike real-life magazine editors, the internet doesn’t care if you use run-on sentences and large bits of text it brackets, but it doesn’t matter, because this is the Weekend Edition!

Enjoy the videos.

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  • drifting says:

    i like in the second vid how he says “looking forward to using these S-drives.. they’re a damn good tire.. I’ve never used em before”.. LOL!

    Disco Stu

  • Alexi says:


    I was watching a Nascar race on teevee here the other day (yeah, watching Nascar in Japan) and after one driver interview, the Japanese commentators said “Well, he certainly managed to list all of his sponsors in there, I wonder if he missed any.”

    It was like they’d never watched Nascar before.

  • martin says:

    wonder why he went for s drives rather than ad08’s. he is sponsored by yokohama, you would figure they would want their best tire out there. but the car/driver looks awesome!