WEEKEND EDITION: 2010 1JZ Meeting video preview from Hoon Media

December 19, 2010 9:30 am Published by

1JZ Drift @ Fuji Speedway from Hoon Media on Vimeo.

So, we all know the type of drifting video that’s popular these days? You know, like lots of focus pulls, weeds blowing in the breeze, vignettes and shots of people doing random things set to some music that the kids like this week?

At least nobody is using Linkin Park or Drowning Pool any more.

Mark Boxer, the editor of Phat Sliggity DVD, put this oh-so-artistic teaser together of the segment he’s making of the video he shot at the 2010 1JZ Meeting when he had a few spare minutes. Don’t worry, the real video will be along the lines of a normal video, with people talking and engine sounds. Mostly 1JZs, come to think of it. Check out my new pink Alliance Speedmetal helmet with custom visor print supplied by the guys at AFG Moto here in Tokyo. Thanks Akira and Jason!

Making Phat Sliggity 2 with lots of content from Japan is still a big possibility (the first one is still available), but whether or not it goes to DVD is another question. We’ll wait and see.


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