PAPER NORIYARO: Now in a Doriten magazine near you

July 23, 2010 12:46 am Published by

Remember a little while ago when I was featured in the Black Mark driver profile section of Drift Tengoku magazine?

Here’s something even better than that.

Noriyaro is now in Drift Tengoku magazine.

There it is. A double-page spread in the Japanese drifting bible featuring photos from Noriyaro.

The magazine’s editor Kawasaki-san says more-or-less in the intro that “Alexi is a drifting immigrant to Japan and has the same maniac’s eye for drift cars that we do, so please enjoy his perspective on things.”

Kawasaki-san wanted the titles and captions to be in English too, so I tried to keep them simple to read for the Japanese audience. “Dorisha” means “drift car” in that top caption.

In case the English caption was too hard to read, I added in a Japanese explanation as well. Of course, my Japanese is far from perfect, but Kawasaki-san leaves in all the mistakes to make it seem a bit more authentic.

Just a little note, I’m currently in Australia on a short “holiday” from the stifling summer weather in Japan. I finally found where all the prizes for the “Mens’ Four Doors” competitions ended up. I accidentally sent them to Australia in a package a while ago, which is why I never ended up finishing that up! I’ve found it now, so results from that will finally be coming soon!


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