GET IN MY GARAGE: GT-R Nür, tick all the boxes

July 13, 2010 9:27 pm Published by

Occasionally, you will see a car that makes drop to your knees and say: “I want that. I really really want that.”

This GT-R is that kind of car.

This particular one has had everything you need done to it and nothing you don’t.

That explains the paint colour then.

The interior looks fairly normal, but that’s a Hollinger sequential transmission.

Endless monoblock calipers and floating rotors with forged Nismo wheels.

700ps 2.8L RB26 with a custom T04Z turbo, lobsterback titanium intercooler piping and HKS V-Cam system.

The V-Cam system makes sense in this case, because the owner is apparently the owner of a kindergarten close to where I live, and just likes to take the car on nice weekend drives in the mountains! I went for a little street ride in this car with an anonymous driver at the wheel, and let’s just say that it wasn’t just the straight-cut gears that were making a “hee hee hee” sound!

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