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Remember this photo of the Skyline?

I was heading home from Fuji Speedway D1 on Sunday and stopped at the same spot. Too bad the weather wasn’t as good!

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  • Rick R. says:

    Funny…this picture of your Skyline at this location was taken almost exactly one year ago. 🙂 Either way, great looking car & awesome picture!

  • kOOpA says:

    that is super epic. i’d totally trim it so it’s more horizontal and hang it on my wall ^^

  • Isidro says:

    your car’s ass is smiling at me
    right there, driver’s side rear corner

    get some touge shots please!

  • Sam says:

    Re-surfaced the road 😛

    living the dream man, would love to see all this for myself one day

  • orion says:

    I prefer this shot to the older one (angle light sky)
    Those (if i’m not mistaken) R32 vspec rear wheels fit nicely
    If you were in Fuji, did the new four doors there have you dreaming, what are your thoughts on the new SXE10 and JZX90?

  • Daniel says:

    that is sooo EPIC! loved the skyline pic a year ago and i love this one too! i also think you’ve got quite the eye for these sorts of photographic things too alexi 😉

  • Killua says:

    In my opinion, the fog in the background makes this picture look better. Although, I can’t decide which one of those cars I like the most!

    Any chances to make a wallpaper of this picture? It would be right to continue the “tradition”. 😛

  • BlueSlug says:

    i beg to differ Sir Alexi, the cloud cover in this shot (and the warmer white balance, and what looks like a different focal length) make this shot by far my favourite of the two! 🙂 it makes things much more dramatic in my opinion. if i were you i’d have this as my desktop background in an instant!

  • Josh says:

    hey they fixed the road lol

  • 5hu7o says:

    this is what i like about this blog, you dont need a clean car to look awsome!

  • Slappy says:

    Love your car Alexi. Wheres my sticker!?…lol.

  • Warren says:

    Did someone notice that the damage on his bumper makes a smiley?

  • KetO says:

    i dont think the road is re surfaced, i think you will find in the old photo he was back abit more, the potholes should be just behind alexi in this photo…

    I think im not sure lol

  • KAIZER433 says:

    Dude, Nori (Alexi) Yaro, you are the epicest epic of epicness, ever, and hey I am starting a magazine in my hometown in America, called Tuner Magazine. Dude, it is going to be epic and awesome at the same time

    Alexi (NoriYaro), I take back what I said in you latest post, Nori- I don’t envy you, in fact you are actually really dammn freaking cool…=)


  • Alexi says:

    Righto, it’ll be up next Wednesday then!

  • Simas says:

    Nice looking Mark II 🙂

  • Aiji says:

    can we have this picture in wallpaper section? 🙂 thanks

  • *bj* says:

    So epic my eyes are bleeding.

  • Gecko says:

    +87. Friggen Wallpaper-o-saurus plz. So hot… You’re making me want to switch to Toyota.

  • Fury-S12 says:

    dam we all have that spot we cant drive past or regularly visit and take photos but im pretty sure none are that epic

  • idris t says:

    one day….

  • zack geng says:

    Alexi this makes me want to be in japan!