COLD THINGS ON A HOT DAY: Passing the time at a drift event

June 14, 2010 3:26 am Published by

Why does D1 driver Hiroshi Fukuda look so amused?

Because he has these unfortunate people entered in a kakigori hayagui taikai, or a “kakigori speed-eating contest”.

So what is “kakigori”?

It’s basically a Japanese snow cone. They usually come in flavours like strawberry, lemon, cherry, green melon, and “Blue Hawaii”, which I think has something to do with the cocktail of the same name. Of course, there’s a green tea flavour too.

Kakigori is great in summer, and the food vendor at Nikko Circuit always does a decent trade with them, but the best way to eat shaved ice and syrup flavouring is not the fast way.

Look at all the pain in this photo. I forgot to ask what the word for “brain freeze” is.

EDIT: A local who reads the site emailed in and said that you can either use the same word for “headache”, or the onomatopoea for the sound of ears ringing, like the sound of a tuning fork.

The winner of this round was this girl, and doesn’t she look happy! I was silly enough to enter a previous round, and managed to place second. When it came time for the finals, my teeth and neck said “no”, and I ended up coming second last.

Anyway, this isn’t a food blog, so here’s Rasty’s current JZX100 demo car.

I thought this four-door R33 looked cool for some reason.

I went along with Missile’s Miyamoto to check out his new D1-spec JZX100 Cresta go through its first shakedown runs. The car is still in-the-build though, so you’re going to have to wait until it’s done before it’s revealed!

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