UNBURNABLE GARBAGE: Military-spec Skyline and Silvia

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Can I officially take credit for making the word “missile” so popular in western drifting circles? I know that the term itself has been around for a long time in Japan, but a quick dated search shows it becoming popular a couple of months after I first used it back in this post.

It’s been a double-edged sword though, because some people think “missile” means “smash into things”.

“I hate missiles. They don’t have any meaning. It’s just playing. You can’t hit people in competitions.” thinks one D1 driver who shall remain nameless.

That said though, drifting is all about fun, and the funnest thing to do is drive as close as possible to other people. I’m a firm believer that smashing a car’s panels should only be done against another car. For example, take a look at Koguchi’s Laurel missile when he first took it out, now take a look at it a year and a half later. Lots and lots of light hits.

The idea is not to smash into things just because you can, or to drive way outside your limits and completely wipe out, but to temporarily disregard your car’s appearance for the sake of your driving skills and enjoyment.

That said, here’s a couple of missiles I saw a while ago that look just as cool as they would if they were all straight and shiny.

This R32 still has the RB20, but something’s a bit odd about it.

Injected individual throttle bodies!

Pretty neat.

While I’m sure the swap was originally done for other reasons, it makes a lot of sense on a small-tyred practice car. Good response, and less stuff up front to break.

The interior looks a lot like the outside does.

In case you’re wondering about the title, it’s from this little sticker that was on the Skyline. It says “unburnable garbage”, which refers to garbage collection nights where they collect items that cannot be incinerated like the food waste, paper products and plastic can be, which is collected on other nights.

So technically, that’s what these cars are!

The paint on both of them was very military-spec low-gloss olive drab.

Those even look like army boot prints.

Koi nobori on the left and a hinomaru on the right! The Silvia was popular with the gallery on the first corner at Okegawa Sports Land.

The Silvia was equally stripped on the inside, but still had the stereo.

De-lightweightening for the trip home.

Here’s the support vehicle, a Suzuki Jimny in matching paint. You’d almost think they were taking this seriously!

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  • orion says:

    love the stance of the S13.
    looks a bit muscle fir it’s fat tyres

  • Paul says:

    RB25 ITB and Headers, All hell breaks loose on the redline!!! Still nothing beats Goto San Misile KILL YOU!!!

  • Lorenzo B says:

    Good stuff-keep at it.

  • Henry says:

    Rad. I’m feelin this. I definately understand the idea of having a car that you are not worried about dents and pushing to the limit. I have a Subaru I drive somewhat sane, and a roadster that gets absolutely hammered!

  • BlueSlug says:

    great post! 🙂

    mechanical noob question: what’s that funkiness coming out of the valve cover above either camshaft? some sort of oil delivery system? don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like that before

  • john kim says:

    when are you posting up competition winners for the stickers, dvd etc?

    its about 4 months late now

  • James says:

    Lol @ the stereo. You gotta have priorities.

  • andy says:

    HPI this month featured a short article on ‘zombie cars’ and had a picture of the silver rust ridden TE70 Corolla.
    I thought ‘didn’t alexi coin that term?’ and associate it with those old corollas/spinters.
    Plagiarism I tell you.

    I wonder how that 25DE would go…

  • Jimmy says:

    Wow! That RB25DE is my inspiration. Have you got any figures on how much that car weighs or how much power it is making? I’d like to see it in action too 🙂 I bet it sounds nice.

    Also, john kim I sent a couple emails a while back but never heard back =/ Kind of a shame because I was excited.


  • GenJi says:

    .. monstrosities !! 😀

    Isn’t that supposed to be a Suzuki “Jimmy” ?

  • Alexi says:

    It’s definitely “Jimny”. Otherwise known as a “Samurai” or “Sierra”.

    I know Jason reads this site, but it’s most likely a coincidence.

    @john kim
    Anticipation just makes it all the more exciting!

  • switch says:

    @BlueSlug: Just an oil catch can me thinks. guess its not the usual type cause it doesn’t deal with the extra preasure from forced induction.

    And on a side note, now I want to paint my soarer like that 32..

  • Ben says:

    Cool looking cars! how did the R32 look to perform NA? fast as stock 25det?

  • T-Bone says:

    id say its got cams if its got cam gears.. probly goes better than a standard rb25det if its flowing like that

  • Eric says:

    Cool stuff, I believe you can use the RB26DETT ITB’s but I think you need an adapter for the RB25 head. Anyone know where to get these?

  • Frank says:

    Thank you Alexi, you won’t believe how many idiots here in the US think it’s cool to purposely hit stuff with their cars (not to mention they daily drive these cars too).

  • Zach cox says:

    It’s a RB20DE it’s not a RB25DE