OTHER SIDE OF THE LENS AT EBISU: My pics, as in “pics of me”

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Oh yeah! It’s time for Noriyaro in narcissism mode! Only pics of me at Spring Drift Matsuri from now on!

Of course, we have to start with some drift posing. I had just given the paint a bit of a buff the night before too, so the car was all nice and shiny. It might seem a bit pointless considering the front bumper, but you have to keep the car looking good where you can.

Yet another Aussie invasion of Ebisu. Here’s everyone in the briefing room before the G1GP competition.

JC from Auto Works Magazine snapped this one. Merci bien, JC!

I love JZX100 kouki lights. Mark II, Chaser or Cresta, it doesn’t matter. Of course, I drive a Mark II right now, so they’re the best.

In the Top 16, I ended up against David Watson, who had never even drifted before this event! He drove really well considering it was his first time drifting.


Deep end of the pool or what!

I wasn’t worried about hammering it when following Christian Pickering though.

Happy chappies. Andy had just missed out on getting a licence by one point in last year’s D1SL Divisional series, so this was well deserved.

One Scot and five Aussies. I might note here that three of these people live within fifteen minutes of the circuit.

Along with the trophy and D1SL licence, I won an LED torch, which was handy since my previous one has been starting to flake out a bit, and a big bag of “Kyabetsu Tarou”, which is a cabbage-flavoured puffed rice snack.

It’s much less gross than it sounds.

Woohoo! The rollercoaster entry of Minami Course is the biggest appeal of the circuit.

Here’s a great one taken by American Trevor Larsson. That’s me playing with a crazy bastard by the name of Onodera, driving his famous Matsuri Fairlady shark. Some long-time readers of the blog may remember what happened to his previous Fairlady at Ebisu.

Here’s me with D1SL driver Yuusuke Kitaoka in his Cresta missile.

The AE86 in shot, nicknamed “Dr Pepper”, is also driven by a friend of mine named Shindo-san.

I think we both had passengers on these runs too.

Some of the “silly things” I bought from Don Quixote as mentioned in a previous post were some glowsticks that I ziptied to the front wheels. Those combined with the underbody lights and sparking rear tyres made for…not as much of an exciting photo as I though. Might need to up my game a bit on the flashy stuff.

Don’t worry though, I know that this sort of stuff is the most important.

Andy, Chris DeJager and myself showing why we made the podium at G1GP.

This was about as much fun as it looks.

I forget who was driving that Silvia, but I think it was a D1SL driver. Andy knows, so I’ll give him a call and ask.

Thanks to everyone who took these photos! For more, follow the links to their respective sites.

John from Team Obscurity Racing blog / AusZoku.

Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters.

Joey from Wrecked Magazine.

JC from Autoworks Magazine.

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  • Kenneth says:

    Nice Ones Alexi! Congrats! Yea, at this kind of event, you are doing the right thing by drifting most of the time rather than shooting photos~ Cool drifting pics though! Wonder how’s ur car set up like? Mind to share? Hehe

  • GenJi says:

    Sweet (: ..

    Forget the flashy stuff 😀 keep ‘er goin sideways

  • Isidro says:

    I actually like the broken bumper. The car gains a tough guy look by lacking that part up front.
    Get strobe lights!

  • dousan says:

    you cut your hair?

    (no homo)

  • James says:

    I definitely agree with Isidro XD

    Great pics!

  • Rob_180sx says:

    That’s a great pose mate 🙂

    How was the 300zx going just out of curiosity?

  • Alexi says:

    I’ll get around to that one sometime…


    It’s stock, so it’s not that fast, but Onodera is one of the more insane drivers at Matsuri, which makes him a lot of fun to drive with.

  • MatthieuCurrie says:

    Nice drifting, keep up the good works!!!

  • Jeremy says:

    cool, i always like seeing the mark 2 in action

  • clem1190 says:

    o yeah i seen it in the last auto works i recorgnise you alex 😉 nice shot
    heureusement que autoworls est la :p