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I received a call from Free Craft’s Tanaka-san last week saying that he had just finished the exterior of a new drift car he was working on. He wanted some photos of it “before the bodywork gets all destroyed”.

The first chance I had to see the car was after the Odaiba round of D1GP.

There’s some neat carbon-fibre diffuser and splitter action going on at the rear. As you can see by the slash plates, the car still doesn’t have registration.

I think from now on, every shoot I do of a car needs to include a Japanese vending machine.

Using Odaiba as a backdrop isn’t too much of a bad idea either. This isn’t the best spot though.

You might be thinking by now “Yeah it’s nice, but it’s not all that special”, right?

Well, take a look inside.

Something’s weird here.

That’s a LHD conversion in an S15 Silvia. Of course, the car is still under construction, but all the important stuff is done. So, why do a LHD conversion? Because it’s weird, and that’s what Tanaka-san is good at. Take a look at one of Tanaka-san’s previous creations to see what I mean.

Come to think of it, I probably should have taken a pic of the engine too.

It’s a 2JZ.

More to come on this car from Free Craft.

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