TOMEI TOUR: Inside the Tomei Powered factory

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One part of the Auto Salon Magazine bus tour that I was particularly keen to do was to go and see the Tomei Powered factory because Allen Lorenzo, our contact at Tomei, has been bugging me to come down there for a long time now.

The foyer area was full of interesting things, like this official RC replica of Seiichi Suzuki’s Maruzen Technica Tomei Sunny. Fans of the Sunny might have enjoyed the first pic in this article too, if I’m not mistaken.

Tomei’s ARMS lineup of turbos. So, what car do you have again?

One of two of Tomei’s engine dyno rooms. They’re fully sound insulated, meaning they can test to their heart’s desire, and not disturb the many blocks of units that surround the factory.

Of course, they’re working hard on parts for the VR38 too.

Hope this isn’t some kind of trade secret…

I might have to call and see if SunLine Racing have any spare calendars. It’s the same girl on every month though, which was kind of weird.

Tomei’s attention to detail is the bottom end of it’s reason for success. The main bearing of their products will always be extremely high levels of quality.

I’m not boring you with these puns, am I? I hope none of you want to deck me.

OK, that’s enough of that.

Blogger Mexican standoff! Here’s Auto Salon mag’s Charlie and I trying to out-photograph each other. Have a look at his post on

I think his photo was better. Damn.

OK, how about this one? Arty enough?

These pistons were “resting” in the engine assembly room along with the block they were going into. I think these ones were for an SR20 Genesis complete engine

Out the back were a couple of the Tomei demo cars, this Fairlady Z…

…and the Tomei/Cusco/Voltex Team Tarzan Impreza!

Inlet-flipping action ahoy. I wouldn’t mind seeing this car run at Eastern Creek later this year at the Superlap World Time Attack Challenge.

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