AUTO SALON WEEK IS OVER: Here are some not very nice pictures

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The 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon week is over. I’ve spent the last week with the Autosalon magazine guys from Australia, as well as the tour group they brought with them. To see a bit of what we got up to, have a look at Charles Kha’s blog and photographer Mark Pakula’s blog.

So why am I posting pics of a mashed-up Cresta instead of some pics I took? A couple of days ago, there was an Ikaten competition at Okegawa Sports Land held by Drift Tengoku video. Okegawa is actually the closest circuit to my house, so of course I sent in an entry to appear in the segment. Unfortunately, there are a hell of a lot of drivers and teams in my local area, and I would have had to work anyway. Never mind.


Ouch. This car had actually appeared in the Tokyo Auto Salon on the Drift Tengoku stand only a few days earlier! Okegawa is more of a kart track than a car track, and is pretty small with not much in what they call “escape zone” here. Click on the “Okegawa Sports Land” tag to see what I mean.


I posted up a wallpaper of this car a while ago too. I don’t think there will be any more.

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