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So, today was the first day of the 2010 Tokyo Autosalon. Like last year, I wasn’t there to cover it in the traditional photojournalist day. I was helping out the guys from Auto Salon Magazine (this causes some confusion here sometimes) with translation and things like that.

I still took my camera along though. It was only the little P6000, but it did the job.

Here’s some things at the show I thought were cool.

Of course, the first place I visited was the Drift Tengoku stand to talk to the editor, Kawasaki-san.

Did I mention he regularly reads Noriyaro? I did?

326Power S14 demo car. Haruguchi-san was standing just off to the side in this shot.

The Bowls LA guys asked I take photos of old cars.

Here they are, old-school people. Prepare to lose your sh*t over the new Rays TE37V.

Oops, how did those get in there?

The Amuse 370Z looks exactly like a 370Z should.

A thousand horses for you in JZX110 form, from Inose-san at Friends Racing.

Oh my, Skyline porn.

There was a special stand full of Skylines (more than just these ones) celebrating 20 years of the RB26 engine.

Dammit, look at the Revolution FD. Look at it.

Look at it.

This is not a car. It’s a spaceship.

It’s really hard getting eye-contact shots with the promo girls when you have such a little camera. Oh well.

Makes me think of a hippy’s jumper. Nice interior though.

Nomuken is going budget in this year’s D1 Grand Prix.

This kit was produced by a friend of mine, and it was only just fitted and finished just before the show by Final Konnexion. Very very nice job with the wheels.

The front looks sweet too, especially with the lovely Lisa Toda in front of it. This car is also aligned with the Japanese importer of Brian Crower parts. More on that another time.

Think of the 80s, think of this 86. Love those Panasports.

Maeken’s car is still out there.

Hakostagea was a bit…I dunno. Something wasn’t quite right. Last year’s R35 Stagea was spot on though.

The D1 demos were fun. A little girl standing behind me started crying when Tezuka started banging on his Bee-R rev limiter!

All the top-ranked guys from last year’s comp were there.

Anyway, I’m sure lots of other content about Autosalon will be coming out soon. Back to work for me.


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