TOCHIGI BAKA MATSURI 2010: Just a few pics this time

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Tochigi Idiot Festival! Sounds like the perfect name for an event like this. I was all set to enter this year’s Tochigi Baka Matsuri, but my car is currently not in the best of states. Ever heard a 1JZ idle like a ported rotary? More on that later. As a result, I had to travel up to Nikko by public transport, which didn’t take too long, but didn’t exactly motivate me to get out of bed too early. That means that I didn’t arrive until fairly late, so I only took a few pics at the end of the event.

If you haven’t already seen them, make sure you have a look at the part one and part two articles of last year’s event, since they contain a lot more photos and give a much better idea of the event.

Here’s Watanabe-san from Tommy Factory doing his best bosozoku hakonori (window riding).

TOMMY FACTORYの渡辺さんの箱乗りだ!ヘッドライトのLEDはかっこいいっぜ!

Technical Garage Sudou’s new demo car is a JZX110! Damn, I wish I’d seen this in action. Sudou-san drives pretty crazily.

The FAZZ guys were there too. Apparently, Ando-san, tells anyone who will listen to download the wallpaper I made of them.

D1 driver Kenji Takayama brought out his R-Magic FD and made a mess of the front bumper.

OK, here’s an interesting one. This guy was featured in a recent issue of Drift Tengoku. It’s an FF drift Celica, and yes, that’s the camber he normally runs.

Supercharged as well. Once again, I would have liked to see and hear this one in action.

It seemed like just as I arrived, everyone was leaving! Oh well. See the X71 in the foreground? I shot some pics of that at the last Baka Matsuri too.

To round it up, here’s a random FD with the BN Sports Defend kit.

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