SHINO KOUBA SOUKOUKAI 2009: Nikko Circuit, Part II

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A while ago, Noriyaro reader Jon said in the comments section “That’s why I tell people, the moment you take your car onto the track, consider it totaled. It will save you some tears later.”

Still though, that was a damn pretty Soarer.

Wow, it’s not much better from this angle.

OK, let’s move on from that horrible image. Here are some drift girls.

Daigo Saito’s new JZX90 Mark II practice car still looks nice and neat. I wonder how long for though?

All business.

How many guys are practicing on 275 19s though?

To clear the low offset of the front wheels, the top of the fenders have been unscrewed and re-attached a bit further out.

Nice panel gap. At least it actually has fenders, unlike some of his previous cars.

Japan Craft’s Tanaka-san works out the angles of missile drifting.

Instead of drifting at Nikko, my car only made it half-way on the freeway and needed a tow home. More about this when I know what’s wrong.

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