SHINO KOUBA SOUKOUKAI 2009: Nikko Circuit, Part I

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Once again, it seems like every other day I’m at Nikko Circuit. Before the Tochigi Baka Matsuri though, it was a Shino Kouba workshop practice day.

After heavily crashing her last AE86, Shino has moved all the suspension bits and pieces into this new black Levin while the old engine gets sent off to be refreshed a bit. It might look nice, but it’s pretty rough underneath. The pink pinstriping, done by female painter Kana-chan, helps a bit though!

Shino’s boyfriend Yoshio Takahashi had a big crash of his own a little while ago too, so he’s using this basic R32 GTS-t until he’s has his new S14 running.

What’s this? Kaminaga-san’s FD?

What’s that he’s pointing at, you ask?

“Saitei Zunou Shuudan”, which translates as “Low Intellect Club”.

Team Green were there from Chiba.

After writing off his old car at Fuji Speedway, super-smooth D1SL driver Masamune Ochiai has been using this simple-looking S14. Unfortunately, he seems to have trouble with it often, so he borrowed an AE86 for the rest of the event…

…and did this to it!

Garage LFW’s “Wampaku-san” Nakatani had his D1SL S15 there for testing.

This is his daily driver. Nice, eh?

Testing the car was…see if you can guess from the helmet…

Former D1GP champion Miki Ryuji!

More tomorrow.

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