SANITORA: Rasukou’s Sunny Truck

January 6, 2010 11:50 am Published by

This is my friend Rasukou, and this is his Sunny Truck.

He’s a really good bloke. He used to have a riced-out Integra, but sold it a little while ago for this old Datsun. When I say riced-out, I mean total F&F-spec. It was the same bright green as the Eclipse from the first movie. He kept the old steering wheel and white tiger print racing bucket from it, as you can see.

He even takes it out for thrashing at circuit days. Just incidentally, can you guess what his day job is?

He’s a porno cameraman.

Since we’re talking about bee-one-one-ohs here, Chris, he reads your blog too.

…and here’s another Sunny I spotted at an Up Garage.

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