D1 BACK: Rear ends from 2007

January 25, 2010 11:28 pm Published by

Here’s a few pics from the 2007 D1 season. Do you know who this is? Pretty easy, really. No cheating by looking at the post tags.

How about this one? I have a lot of photos of “that” crash too, so I should put those up for posterity sometime soon.

OK, here’s an easy one.

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  • Ray says:

    Heee didnt know the 2nd pic >.> Im not a nerd anymore sigh …. Gotta kill myself >.>

  • DD : Luke says:

    I remember watching Takayama in 2006 i believe at Suzuka D1, its where i meet Shino.

  • Absolution says:

    It took me a little while to figure out it was an FC. The giveaway from that angle was actually the fact that almost all FC front overfenders have that small ass vent. Daigo’s Mark II was easy with the KoguchiPower wing, the Bridgestone/BN-Sports decals, and Bee-Racing vinyl gave it up for Tezuka’s R324.

  • Ove Harlem says:

    Its Fuji raceway pics isnt it? Love that track. Saw D1GP 2009 there.. 🙂

  • Jurva says:

    Got more photos on Tezukas crazy plexi-glass rear wing?

  • Cam says:

    First one is that orange FC…. dont know who the driver is though

    Second is Daigo Saito

    Third…come on now lol

  • i dont remember who drives that fc in the first pic, but i know its the m sports car.

  • azrain says:

    alexi,plz make the jzx90 pic as wall paper tq!!

  • Cam says:

    Takayama is his name

    the give away for me was the fact its a 2 door, and from the styling its a 80s-mid 90s 2 door, there’s no supras from that gen in D1, the wheels are too big to fit on a corolla, and the tail light are def not a 180sx or a shwivia lol.

  • Paul says:

    Dont know any of those. Guess you had to be there???

  • Kimky says:

    I didnt remember the name of the driver of the FC but I definitely recognized the car, Saito and Tezuka cars are easy because they didnt changed much and we have seen a lot those two cars in 2009. That made Nomuken cry a lot XD