WTF KEN BLOCK: If Chris Cunningham played Super Mario Kart on acid

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  • Ray says:

    Must have nice stuff hm hm

  • Sebastien says:

    WTF? That was a awful shite. Why they make these ridiculous videos.

  • bams_180 says:

    one of the wierdest, trippyest videos i’ve everyseen.
    Felt like i was on acid watching it!

  • N/Aontherun says:

    I’m left speechless. All I can think of is WTF!?!?!?

    Gotta give the guy tons of credit for his skills. Trippy? YES Talent and Skills? YES, VERY MUCH

  • Ilegal says:

    AWESOME. this one kicks! nice mixed

  • Billy says:

    haha i thought that video was funny. the people who dont get the video and think its stupid are the closed minded @ssholes… its not suppose to make sense! its just some fun with video and graphics.

  • Lone Racer says:

    WTF!!? it was funny for a moment but then wtf….really….
    this was not even fun to watch nor ever eye candy, just very random shit. and the sad part of this all is that DC shoes seems to have total ownage of ken’s rally skills for advertising their stupid shoes. and they can put so much money in making this “drift videos” that big part of the world now have a rally driver throwing around a 600torque 4wd suby, AS THE BIGGEST DRIFT ICON ….wtf.

    not want to discredit ken block for his videos or stunts its just something bugs me about he’s commercial ways… just dont feel him as part of the drifting culture… dnt know why. but hey , whatever, ill stick to my hashiriya spirit and feed on drift pureness of Nijongo

  • drift kid says:

    hahaha, crazy acid trip video, i love it 😛

  • Paul says:


  • Matt-AE86 says:

    That was awesome 🙂

  • banpei says:

    Personally I liked this Ken Block video best! 😀 😀
    But then again: I love wacky stuff! 😉

    The over engineering of the KB footage by DC was already bugging me for a while and I think this video was a bridge too far for 95% of the people. Don’t get me wrong: I respect KB’s skills and I surely could not even match him in my wildest dreams. It is just that I think DC jumped the shark by doing this…

  • dori_ 86 says:

    agreed this is some trippy shit

    but Lone Racer “DC shoes seems to have total ownage of ken’s rally skills for advertising their stupid shoes.” i probably wouldnt say that around Ken Block as he was one of the founders of DC shoes hence the heavy DC content

  • BlueSlug says:

    watched it like five times in a row. love it.

  • gred says:

    Paul says: December 24th, 2009 at 1:33 pm



  • Skuz_oneske says:

    Fair good editing skills, and imagination!

  • Robin Ball says:

    Part of me loves it, for the ball out driving (even if it’s 4wd blar blar blar) part of me hates at it’s because it really just about making money for Monster and DC.

    As for Chris Cunningham who did the video remix, this aint half as trippy as his other stuff. Check out…….

    Aphex Twin (Chris Cunningham made the videos to the songs) Rubber Johnny, Come to Daddy and Windowlicker. He’s also did stuff for Bjork and Squarepusher.

  • Adam says:

    Is it just me or do you guys feel stupider too after watching 7 minutes of this?

  • Chris E says:

    LMAO, that was awesome and the scatterbrained hilariousness that it entailed it made perfect sense to me haha. As for all the overly serious people here, if you lighten up you can have a little more fun in life! ::))