TYPHOON DRIFTING: N-Style soukoukai at Nikko

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It seems like every single track day I’ve been to recently has been wet. The N-Style soukoukai (driving meeting) was no exception, as it was on in the middle of a decently-sized typhoon!

I actually never asked, but I think N-Style is a panel shop. In any case, it’s basically a bunch of guys who like to drift for the fun of it. The days are run by two guys, Nagahama in the Z30 Soarer and Nakamura in the Z20.

Here’s Nagahama-san getting soaked. Look at the big puddles of water in the background.

Even though the event was on a Monday, there were lots of cars there, including quite a few cool ones.

I dig the new TGS aero kit. Sudou-san from Technical Garage Sudou was there driving his demo car, painted by the nearby Mature panel shop.

I had to tweak the colour levels in this photo to make it look a bit more like the colour it actually is in real life. It’s possibly the rudest shade of purple I’ve ever seen.

The driver of this JZX90 is a friend of the Spirant Chaser that everyone seems to lose their sh*t over all the time.

He used to have a JZX100, but it met an unfortunate end, and the JZX90 was a cheaper replacement.


AE86 wheels on a Cefiro.

Speaking of hachis, how does turquoise, rust and flat black Hoshinos sit with you?

Remember these guys? They originally asked me to come to the N-Style day, and I’m glad they did!

Also, remember the Rex Tomo No Kai guys from the Odaiba D1? They were there too.

Now there’s a cheap drift tyre.

As I’ve said before, Regamasters look good on anything.

The JZX100 has been a bit of a taxi recently, as the last three events I’ve been to have involved taking passengers along. This time, it was David from Mayday Garage blog.

David took a bunch of photos as well as a whole lot of video.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3, which includes an in-car video of the Mark II!

Make sure you check out his posts too!

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