WEEKEND EDITION: How to make a video of Ebisu’s Drift Matsuri

October 18, 2009 12:29 pm Published by

Pay attention. It is possible to make an interesting drift video that contains closeups of weeds blowing in the wind.

This video was made by a guy called Eiji from the Australian team Red Stage (here’s a pic), and a member of my old club, Initial Drift. He came to the last summer drift matsuri with a couple of other guys and pretty much had a camera in his hand the whole time.

Keep an eye out for the “Team Mad Max” Skyline, especially at 3:35 where I actually make a somewhat decent run on Minami! Also, the guy I shake hands with is Luke Fink, the recent winner of the Australian drift championship, after we won the Drift Land twin competition.

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  • Rob_180sx says:

    Team Red Stage for the win!!!!

    I kept telling Eiji how awesome that video was and he didn’t believe me UNTIL he saw it on Noriyaro 😀

  • Peter of A. says:

    great video ! I like your hat !

  • Muzaffar says:

    The song and video was really nice, not bad at all. Happen to know what is the name of that song?
    Also, the blue S14 @ 1:26 was just dope. (was it Rii-chan by any chance?)

  • Ray says:

    Great video ^^

  • DAN-XIII says:

    very cool video, only thing i didnt like was the song but we all have different taste.
    the blue s14 in there was that um ‘rii-chan’ from a previous video u’ve posted?

  • MeZ says:

    Eiji did an awesome job and looks like he got HEAPS of footage!
    damn you really hate those weeds dont you Alexi! haha

  • bams_180 says:

    damn that was a good vid
    good work

  • Eiji says:

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I’m really happy that you posted the video on your website!

    P.S. I included the closeup bit towards the end just for you :P.

  • babalouie says:

    Love it!! Makes me wish I was there!

  • Daniel says:

    heck yes! this is where its at! personally i MUCH prefer this video to sooo many other slow motion slow vids.. this was like looking at a whole lot of awesome drift pics, but with video! and i kinda like the fact its all hand held, was hoping for a little more incar action but awesome drift shots/location shots just kept coming! do u reckon it’ll be a new wave in drift video making? haha~

    nice driving in that video too alexi!! the skyline will be missed 😉

  • Henry says:

    Rad. I wish I was there…

  • Shabaka Pierre says:

    I love the drift missiles. Nice skills Alexi.. You’re famous!! I keep seeing you in videos lol.

  • GenJi says:

    that was .. beautiful :’)

  • Isidro says:

    this video lightened up my day here in rainy New England

  • Warren says:

    Sweet video!! By the way do you happen to know the title of the music (sounds something like Bennie K).

  • Ben Comana says:

    amazing video, so simply, no effects and works perfectly…
    actually about the drifting and not cinematographic skills.

  • Iain says:

    Great video man

    what kind of camera were you using?

  • anth says:

    now that’s a drift video! pure action…we need more of this stuff

  • Fury-S12 says:

    wow awesome video indeed easily one of the best drift vids to hit the internet recently also interested in the song name sweet beat

  • JayS14 says:

    I see you rob….

  • srs bzns says:

    I liked this video a lot. The music was nice and uplifting and the footage was pretty good too.

  • Keith says:

    I cross linked it on my site. Thanks for the vid, nice work!

  • Section09 says:

    Best drift video to date.

  • yuiichi says:

    this is by far the best drift video i have ever watched!!!!

  • kustum says:

    nice work alexi, we miss ya back in oz. Good to see fink havin a crack at ebisu. Get him to come over for tengoku! prob one of the aussies that could qualify!

  • xjohnx says:

    ive seen a few vid’s from that matsuri and thats by far the best one so far. its cool to see bits thrown togeather to see what your mates have done or some massivly artsy vid with slowmo and real time taken for each shot… but none of them make me want to go as much as this one has. super pumped for spring matsuri now!!!

    awesome vid!

  • BlueSlug says:

    awesome stuff, it’s great to actually see things in regular-motion, and not only that, with audio! ;D

    props once more on the mad max appearance

  • BlueSlug says:

    Also i should stop commenting before seeing the whole video 😛

    That in-car shot is super tight, that *was* you right, Alexi?
    The only drifting i’ve done was with a GTI in snow-covered parking lots haha (the scene isn’t so great here in Ontario). i love getting a chance to see what the real thing looks like in-car, and having driven a couple R32’s it looked a little familiar 🙂

    Again, amazing vid and definitely would like to see more in this vein!

  • Alexi says:

    @Peter of A.
    A lot of people like that hat for some reason.

    @Muzaffar & DAN-XIII
    Yes it was.

    Thanks man.

    Yeah, that was me, with Eiji behind the camera.

  • christoff says:

    I would’ve commented earlier but too busy watching this vid every hour when I get bored working… awesome video. Makes me want to make my car actually drivable so badly. Thanks for posting!

  • Josh says:

    if i went to japan i would want to experience this

    fingers crossed ill have enough $$$ to go with my mates next feb!!!

  • spencer says:

    GREAT video. Captured the culture very well i feel, and i loved the music. awesome job.

  • Dave Tylor says:

    Dispite of the great video, theres 1 question left, alexi:

    Whats the name of the track playing in the background?

  • iLegal says:

    what sond it is? superb video!

  • tina says:

    name of the song for all those that asked
    Promise - MiChi

  • MaydayJohnP says:

    Can’t believe I haven’t wathed this until now, amazing 😀

  • G-zilla says:

    I really think the music sucked. but video five stars

  • ilegal says:

    *tina* thanks a lot

  • Tim says:

    Ahh, seems like yesterday i gave eiji’s R31 a run, still got the footage. so young. Good work guys, living the dream.

  • Chris E says:

    Rad vid man! Got the drift bug running through my veins again, and wanting to go back to JP.

  • Robinxr4i says:

    Awesome video, the Japanese seem to take drifting really seriously but at the same time have a relaxed attitude to there cars and crashing them. People in the UK seem to forget that Drifting is about having fun!

    Great to see some tramp/missile drifters getting a proper hammering the R32 at the end is great 🙂