SHAKOTAN SLIDING: Yansha Soarer at Ebisu

September 18, 2009 4:24 pm Published by

Check out this yansha Z10 Soarer I saw when I was driving at Ebisu Circuit last week.

The paintwork was fresh and shiny, and the guy drove it all the way there from Ibaraki to drift.

That’s nine degrees of camber there on the back wheels.


I forgot to get a pic, but the engine is actually a standard JZX100 1JZ with an MA70 gearbox.

Here’s some video I took with my camera phone. Sorry it’s in such low quality, but my phone was in medium setting for some reason, and I didn’t notice. Make sure you check your speaker volume before you play the video, as my phone camera has a really high gain on it.

Either that, or you can turn it up even louder.

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