PHAT SLIGGITY: Alternative motorsport DVDs are back and better than ever!

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Produced by Mark Boxer, a member of Team Cunningstunts and builder of the rather cool Bladerod bike (I sat on it one time, and Mark yelled at me for not putting the kickstand up by hand), Phat Sliggity is two hours of awesome.

Several years ago, there were lots of alternative motorsport lifestyle DVDs getting around, but a lot of them were actually quite boring. I remember a segment on one video where some guy was burning the rear bumper of his MR2 with a propane torch to fake overfuelling scorch marks. Lame.

Phat Sliggity is a bit more real than that. Of course, Aussie viewers will enjoy the unconventional coverage of the Drift Australia series, but a bit more relevant to Noriyaro viewers is a whole lot of Japanese content as well!

The best stuff would have to be the complete and uncut version of Jesse Streeter’s street drifting in Osaka, my friend Josh Young killing the touge course in his AE86 at Ebisu Circuit’s Summer Drift Matsuri before most people had even heard of it, the tyre ninja’s mysterious tyre changing techniques and Tanaka Engineering’s Tanaka-san doing burnouts and donuts inside his workshop.

Here’s what Mark has to say about it…

Ok, so what the hell does Phat Sliggity mean? You tell us and we’ll both know. What we do know though is that it’s the name of our new DVD!

So, firstly, rather than crapping on and on about the nitty gritty of what’s in in, we really should talk about what’s important to you, the consumer. You’re the most important part of this DVD, because without you, it has no audience. So in order to make the two of you come together in a harmonious and non wallet/purse bashing manner, it’s really cheap. Cheap you say though??? Yikes, it mustn’t be all that good. Meh, don’t believe the hype, it’s great. And for the same price you’re not even going to get your hands on one of those fancy Pizzas with the big leafy bits on it with Fetta and stuff.

Anyhow, here’s goes with the menu.. so to speak

From the golden days of Aussie drifting, back before you needed expensive underwear and a race transporter to be somebody, we go ape with the monkeys who made the sport what it is today in Australia. There’s footage from the track, off the track, the odd broken nail and every now and then someone gets politely punched in the head. It’s the way drifting should be.

Now talking about Aussies who love to drift, we take it even further by seeing what these guys get up to in Japan. Josh Young may like candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach, but put this guy in an AE86, on a track in Japan and he’ll show that rev limiter who’s Daddy he is. And not in bad way, he can steer! Track, Touge, he’s got it sorted.

Our boy Laurence, he can drive too. A cordless drill that is. He’s the master of zip ties, vending machines and tyre levers. Oh, and he’s also a gun cameraman!

Jesse, well he’s not quite Tron Guy yet, but he sure has become popular on Facetube as James May so hilariously put it. He has funny hair and likes big words. When he’s not peddling performance parts (har har har), he’s our on the track, or off it, helmet optional giving his S13 a flogging. He’s no Harvey Wall Banger though, he also can steer, very well infact. Makes us wonder if he’d do well as a wildcard in another country.

There’s a cute little segment featuring a bunch of stunt riders from Australia. They ride hard, crash hard and pull funny poses for the camera. Cunningstunts, FUF, FTP and a bunch of others. Legend status really.

Then to go and mish mash everything together, footage from Multiplex in Japan. It’s a combo of drifting, stuntriding, Japan and the odd can of Red Bull. Japan’s top stuntriders take on American’s best to see… well, who’s the best and some weirdo Japanese guy tried to convince us that the viewers wanted to see his man bits. We didn’t film it by choice, so you don’t have to see if.

Coming from Europe we nabbed some great footage of drift from France, Germany and Belgium and put it all together for you. Who says BMW wagons can’t drift!

Then more from Japan, we give you a cut and uncut look at a Crazy D1 Street Legal class driver who likes cutting donuts in his workshop. Nothing got destroyed unfortunately, but he came damn close!

We met up with the owner of the ARC factory, those guys who make the crazy aluminium products and chucked a couple of questions at him. And last but not least, J-Rock, the crazy American guy in the backwards baseball cap, showed us all of the goodies you can find at your local UpGarage store… Drools.

So there you have it, all that in a DVD that’s over 2-hours long, with no spoiled rich guys trashing rental cars and going “hey, we just trashed that rental man, we’re sooo cool!!”, it’s all real stuff, as it happened, we enjoyed filming in it and putting it together, so we hope you enjoy watching it just as much. And on a boring but serious note, if you like what you see and you think we could do more, buy a copy and you’re helping us on the road to future Phat Sliggitys.

Hmm, maybe that’s what Phat Sliggity means

I have my copy! It’s only AUD$24.95 for a two hour DVD delivered worldwide

You can visit the Phat Sliggity website and order it from there, or you can do us a favour and buy it through the Paypal link below! If Mark sells enough copies through Noriyaro, it might give him a good reason to come to Japan again.

There’s a whole lot of new stuff here that needs filming but hasn’t been seen yet…

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