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I’ve said before that I don’t really want to post up pics of “Engrish”, since you get emails from people calling you ignorant and racist.

How you can be racist and live in Japan though, I have no idea.

Anyway, just like anywhere else in the world, truck drivers are considered tough and rough guys in Japan. As a result, the names of some of the big road machinery sound equally impressive, such as the the Isuzu Gigamax and the Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great.

Sometimes though, they kind of miss the mark.

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  • Paul 8v says:

    Lol! I wouldn’t worry about it, anyone that thinks spelling mistakes or bad grammer are racist and have the time to email you are obviously idiots with to much time on thier hands!

  • Steve says:

    Don’t worry Alexi, most of the truck drivers I know could best be described as powertards

  • Benny says:

    anyone who emails you calling your a racist is a power tard. hardy ha 😛

  • Muzaffar says:

    LOL @ Izuzu.
    Your not half bad at Engrish either….

    Fixed! – Alexi

  • Direzza says:

    Some Engrish is actually pretty funny. I’ve got nothing against it. People who call racism on Engrish have little sense of humour, it’s fun pointing out bad grammar and L-R misuses, especially on fake clothes!

    Heh-heh-heh – “Powertard”….

  • Matt says:

    anyone who thinks engrish is racist is a serious powertard.

  • andylaurel says:

    I think I saw a powertard in the special olympics last year.

  • Henry says:

    Isn’t there a little powertard in all of us? 😀
    I don’t think engrish is racist unless a foreigner is making it up, like it is a stereotype… Just my opinion…

  • lozzz says:

    i love the slogans about ‘living your life and being free etc’ i see on the sides of minivans and the back of both kei and ‘real’ 4wds

  • drift kid says:

    amen no that. funny name for a truck lol

  • AnalogHero says:

    A retarded man has the strength of 10 men. Which is the equivalent of one chimpanzee. So if you ever see a retarded chimpanzee, you turn and run. That thing is a borderline superhero.

  • Rob says:

    My mom is from Ireland and she messes words up all the time (the word “garage” and “Roll Royce” are especially funny) and we all get a good laugh about it. what’s the difference between that and Engrish?

    Pointing out racism requires seeing race to begin with.


  • Mad Scientist says:

    Engrish as a name always implied an honest mistake in something created in Japan and intended for export to the English speaking world, like mistakes in instructions and technical writing.

    I am wondering if much of the funny sounding phrases on some of their domestic advertising and pop culture type stuff is not really meant for export, and is more an indication of the Japanese language integrating more and more English language base words that they then turn around and chop up to make shortened and slang phrases in the same way they do their own Japanese language words.

    The Giga was never exported that I know of, and the Powertard word looks like chopping the end off one word, the beginning of the next, slamming both together, just like a Japanese slang contraction.

    But still funny to see from an English speaking point of view.

  • randedge says:

    Mad Sci:

    Exactly! That to me sounds like a combination of “Power assisted Engine Retarder Brake” – a common feature on rigs.
    Of course, technical and creative writers of a company in English Speaking Europe and North America would discourage such a name. But this example is from Japan, and they probably just wanted to make something awesome and didn’t bother to check if it actually made sense in real English. At least in the English they know it’s super sweet.