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I was going to editorialise a bit here, but since it was going to be unrelated to AE86s, and because my column for the UK’s Banzai Magazine is due in a couple of days and I need to save up my opinion juice, I’ll save it for another post.

Until then, enjoy the first half of Noriyaro’s coverage of the 6th of August AE86 meeting at Nikko Circuit.

I hadn’t actually decided to go to the event until about 2:00AM on the morning it was on. D1 driver Sagisaka-san was staying over at our house after driving all the way down from Sendai and he had a spare seat in his truck. Since it would be more fun than sitting around the house and working on the computer, I fairly quickly chucked the camera batteries on the charger and tried to get some sleep!

It may seem inappropriate to use an AE86 with a 13B turbo as the leading car of the article, but Sagisaka-san gave me a lift all the way to Nikko, so it’s only courtesy I return some sort of favour!

Yeah, a 13B turbo. Suffer in your jocks, 4A people.

A full J-Blood kit, screaming rotary sounds and Sagisaka-san’s custom steering knuckles give the car a fairly indimitating appearance on the track.

Thanks for the lift mate!

Another D1 AE86 driver there was Winds Auto’s Obata-san.

Once again, his car is powered by something other than Toyota as well, an SR20DET in this case.

I think I’ve run a couple of pics of this radiator setup before, haven’t I?

Obata-san was aero-sponsored by URAS, so that’s what his car wears.

Obata’s wife Hiromi is a pretty competent handler of 86s as well.

I think she placed somewhere in the drift competition, but I had to leave before it was announced, since the ride I managed to find back to Tokyo wanted to head back early.

Enough captions for now. Just look.

That’s a girl driving there, if you didn’t notice.

More tomorrow!

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