LOWDOWN CROWN: Stopping for nothing

July 28, 2009 12:45 am Published by

I saw this guy on the highway the other day. He zoomed past me at about 160km/h, swerving through traffic the whole time, which made it a bit hard to catch up and follow him while holding the camera out the window!

His mudflaps were about an inch off the ground. Try to imagine this going about twice as fast as everyone else, and you might understand why I took this pic.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • SoSideways says:

    Guy’s a badass, no doubt! hahahaha

    Maybe HE’s the BAWSS!! hahaha

  • Jay Kielhael says:

    Think you should be thankfull to be alive, that this guy wasn’t pointing guns at you out the window. LOL
    He’s a 4door Gangster.

    Thanks for risking your life for our pleasure!

  • Isidro says:

    hes probably just testing out a new engine and suspension 🙂

  • andylaurel says:

    The Kousoku transforms normal law abiding citizens into crazy speed demons.
    People in Kei Jidoushya who will abide by the frustratingly low 40 kph speed limit on normal roads will willingly rev their cars to 6000 rpm and break the highway speed limit by 40 kph!

    This guy however, doesn’t look like cares about any speed limit.

  • blue180 says:

    hey Alexi ,

    great post as always. have been following this since it started .

    1 question, have always wonder what the police and road laws are like in japan in regards to speeding, modifying and general hooning compared to Australia’s hoon laws ?

  • zerojackblack says:

    thats tuff as, with some VIP rims, would look awesome!

  • mini says:

    LOL, much like my Mark II… my mud flaps scrape on everything…

  • nigel says:

    sick! is that a crown?

  • Fury-S12 says:

    not a fan of the look at all proper wheel fitment is wheres its at

  • Lanson says:

    I have heard alot about the ‘Bippu’ (I hope I got that right…) tuning being on the rise, is it becoming more and more common to see these larger rides on the highways?

    The main appeal, i’m assuming, is the space for bigger engines and being more subtle than a sports coupe… the classic street sleeper approach, right?

    Anyways… love the blog, keep up the good work… there are some of us out here who really appericate it.


  • Paul 8v says:

    That’s looooooow, Gotta love those smooth roads, it wouldn’t last five minutes on our roads!

  • Ildar says:

    I thought that police are very strict in Japan. And even the slightest speeding strictly punished

  • Luke says:

    Police are strict in Japan mainly around the busy area’s but you dont go speeding past cops you slow down when you see them and the speed camera’s. I see more police on the public roads then i do on highways so it makes for easier speeding.

  • Warren says:

    Well its like everywhere, if you don’t get caught you get nothing! Somehow I like the simple look of that car!

  • Fury-S12 says:

    lanson – its hardley a sleeper if the wheels diseapering under the arches so low the wheel nuts are barely visible doesnt get the cops looking the ride height will

  • Jake says:

    he needs tsuda-ichi fitment and BAM! instant wetness magnet

  • Lanson says:

    Fury-S12 – OK I get that, but it’s not exactly a rocket from the look either is it? I didn’t realise that decking your car was illegal in Japan, OK so it may raise a few eyebrows but it’s not gonna see you ticketed, is it?

    My S12 is on the deck and it’s never got me tugged… but that’s here (Britian…)

  • Alexi says:

    Compared to Australia, I wouldn’t say “lenient”, but it’s more of a case of “don’t cause trouble, don’t get busted”.

    That’s what it says in the title!

    I’d have to say that vans are becoming much more popular than sedans, but then some people are always going to like the look and image of a four-door.

    It’s “tsuraichi”.

  • lozzz says:

    lol here in yamanashi-ken the only cars i see going stupid speeds are big sedans like crowns, celsiors and cedrics

    evo’s, gtr’s etc are in abundance but i rarely see them over the limit (or at least 10km over the limit like everybody else)