FUKUMEN FAMILY: Car Make Rasty X Auto Garage Amigo Crowns

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You want something different? I’ll give you something different.

Recently, Car Make Rasty’s boss got it into his head that Crowns had not yet really gained much popularity as a drift car. With the help of Yasushi Wakamatsu, a pair of Crowns have been undergoing some undercover drift work at circuits around Kanto.

So what does fukumen mean? It’s the word for “undercover patrol car” in Japan, which means “mask”, or literally translated, “reverse face”. Crowns like this Athlete variant are commonly used for highway patrol cars, since they have a turbocharged 1JZ-GTE engine.

You don’t usually see them crossed up and smoking it with a cop behind the wheel though. A simple five-speed swap, diff and suspension is all it needs.

You might be thinking by now that this is the ultimate sleeper drift car. Nobody would ever suspect this, would they?

I’ll see your sedan, and raise you a wagon.

This Crown Estate station wagon the other half of the pair.

Try to look at this and not laugh. Imagine a family of five with a dog in the back, doing this.

The undercover theme extends to the interior too.

A 1JZ as standard means not much work is needed to get a decent amount of power out of the wagon.

Plenty of room for spare wheels!

Wakamatsu can ride the kerbs at Nikko as well as anybody you care to mention.

Come to think of it, they do look kind of suspicious when lined up together.

How cool is a Crown drifter? I think this photo answers that question.

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  • The one annoying thing about Japanese auto makers is this… they never send the good stuff anywhere else. Granted, whats left of the US auto industry probably dosen’t send our decent cars to Japan, but still.

    Wagons drifting is always a cool sight to see.

    Got anything on full size or mini trucks drifting?

  • Luke says:

    That last photo is ubber cool Alexi, had a chance to go side by side with a crown, think it might of been this one actually at the last Honjo evenr i drifted at in JZX90, they have no problems keeping up with all the JZX’s.

    Very cool car indeed, hows the holiday going, shes warm here in Japan!!!

  • Fury-S12 says:

    im guessing price (more then weight) is the reason these aren’t hugely popular drift cars coz its certainly not looks they look better then some of the other later madel JZXs imo more of them i say

    johnny rumble said:
    “whats left of the US auto industry probably dosen’t send our decent cars to Japan, but still.”

    LOL at that

  • StoopidFlanders says:

    I always love seeing big cars drift, especially wagons.
    Makes me miss my old drift wagon a bit.

    We need drop away kerbs like Nikko has over here in Oz. 3 wheel drift looks so damn cool!
    That and the big jump at Ebisu.

  • nick says:

    last pic would make a pro wallpaper 😀

  • Banpei says:

    Somehow I can imagine MY family in that wagon going sideways! 😀

  • Direzza says:

    What wheels are being run on the front of the sedan? Are they Advan Connoisseur?

  • Chewy says:

    That’s awesome. Every time I come to this site I find another car that I want LOL Too bad I live in the States and they don’t have uber awesomeness like this. Oh well. Just another reason for me to go to Japan. The undercover aspect is pretty crazy. Thank god they don’t to that over here. We have big Dodges and slate green Crown Victoria’s that stick out like sore thumbs. I have also seen a turbo charged Scion chasing people through Northern Virginia. Now that’s funny.

  • Isidro says:

    those are some interesting machines
    I simply can’t understand why there are some people (here in the USA) that don’t give to f**ks about 4-door drift cars or drift wagons.
    I’d love to watch a video of either one drifting, just to hear the 1jz roar 😀
    youtube, here i come!

  • Full Lock says:

    Love that last photo, big bodied 4 door drift cars are so cool imo
    wallpaper of that last one for sure

  • STJ says:

    I just love crown’s! Would be awsome to drift the new athlete +M with the 360bhp V6. To bad toyota doesn’t realy promote their supercharged cars.

  • ECR33 says:

    Would take more of an example with a crown to convince me to love it like a Verosa or Chaser, get a tuning company to make a demo car out of this platform and then we’ll see. But other than that, I like this car already.

  • Jason says:

    Those pics are sick…. Def make the last a wallpaper!!!!

  • ram says:

    “reverse face” haha

  • Jayzedex100 says:

    These cars probably have the VR high flowed (“MetalFlowPlus”) turbo’s Rasty do now, for the stock CT15b on vvt-i 1J’s. These cars are swank as hell.

  • Ben Comana says:

    kick ass….

  • Felipe G says:

    looking good Wakamatsu-san hope you remember me from Chile… keep going sideways !!