A SUPER NIGHT WAS HAD BY ALL: Super Night Meeting, June 2009

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Last weekend, I drove up to Ebisu Circuit to watch the D1 Street Legal round that was held on the Minami Course, the same as is used in D1.

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing any photos of that here! I decided to spend the day as a regular-old spectator instead, something I’ve never done before at a D1 event.

I have to say, it’s a lot more fun than peering through a camera all day, and lugging around a heavy backpack full of equipment.

What I did take some photos of was the Super Night Meeting held the night before. This is a car show put on by Ebisu Circuit in the Minami pits, that centers around the cruising-type of modified cars, such as this slammed Suzuki Wagon R.

Of course, since it was at Ebisu, there was a just a little bit of drifting as well!

I liked it best from this angle, but my shadow gets in the way…

If I tried counting the number of monitors on the interior of this Odessey, I would have been there all night. Even the regular large monitors showed multiple smaller displays.

I suppose using a kei van as a base for an audio car makes it easier to fill to the brim with equipment.

Of course, the larger vans can hold larger speakers!

In a place where drift cars usually live, “low and for show” dominated for one night.

Most of the stereo installs were fairly standard in design, but finished to a high level.

Louis Vuitton on the left and…what pattern is that on the right?

This looks like the sort of thing you’d see overseas, but the “spocom” style is quite popular here too.

Something else that seemed quite popular to do was show something different on as many monitors as possible.

That is, unless you had such a massive monitor that it filled the entire rear of the car.

It’s all about the Veuve Clicquot.

Don’t shoot me, but I think that those light rings that go around the brakes would look great on a drift car. Most of them seemed to be made from strips of metal bracket bent to the right shape with strip LED lights ziptied to them.

Twice during the night, Team Orange and Geki Kassoudan headed out on Minami, taking passengers with them.

That reminds me, there were a lot of girls at the Super Night Meeting, which is a good thing.

Team Orange’s Tanaka takes out what looks to be a very willing or laughingly nervous passenger. With that kind of expression on his face, I’d bet on the latter.

If she wasn’t before, she’d be nervous by now!

Remember Satoru Koyama? He brought his Z32 Fairlady D1 car along to do passenger rides.

Geki Kassoudan’s Hoshino had a bit of a spin, which gave fellow team member Murayama nowhere to go.

He’d just painted the car too, so he wasn’t too happy about it.

Once again, don’t shoot me, but when it comes to demonstration night drifting, I believe in having the largest amount of neons, strobes and LEDs you can screw on to the car. It just makes it that much more spectacular for the crowd.

D1SL driver Hagisako was there, and went out for a few runs to get in some practice for the following day’s competition. Remember a while ago when I said he rolled over at Bihoku? That was actually a different car and a different driver.

Naoki Nakamura was there in his D-Max S15 too, but I must have been enjoying watching him get within inches of the Team Orange cars rather than taking photos!

One of Hoshino’s team’s S15 Silvia behind Tanaka’s old S15. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night!

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  • Mariuxs says:

    Nice Night vision Photos ;]

  • leongsoon says:

    Haha, Japan, keep an open mind and there’s bound to be interesting stuff everywhere! The dance’s a bit horrible if you ask me, but the guys sure were having a good time! I can’t really make it out, but are they chanting “encore” in the last few seconds of the vid? 😀

  • Isidro says:

    looks crazy (in a good way)

  • Sasho says:

    anukore anukore anukore! 😀

  • John says:

    I think i’ve seen those brake led’s on a drift car, possibly in that discovery channel drifting special.

  • rory says:

    oi, went there monday on the way home and nothing quite like that was happening.

  • Derrick says:

    Those are some super photos! haha And the fabric on that other side of that van looks like it might also be louis V. fabric called damier graphite. Been trying to find something similar for my car. haha.

  • Direzza says:

    I can sense the droning techno music (the simple beat you can make with your mouth) coming from all the neon’ed out cars, but they are really nice pieces of work. Love all the photos, especially of that Wagon R!

  • Luke says:

    I think that could be Kan Kans S15 behind Tanaka. Hoshino sold his S15 a long time ago to team mate Kan Kan who use to own the the orange R32.

  • Muzaffar says:

    Was there any Toyota Passo/Daihatsu Boon VIP cars there during the event? I’m trying to get some idea how the VIP would look like on my future car. =)
    Also, this must be what that “little surprise show ” Dino mentioned on Speedhunters lol. Haha, can’t wait to see his post from that night as well.

  • Alexi says:

    Well there you go, thanks for that!

    Kankan’s car was having wastegate troubles that night, so that car belongs to someone else.

    Erm, I…don’t know!

  • Magnus says:

    The other pattern in the Louis Vuitton car is Gucci 😉 Cheers!

  • Devin says:

    Thanks for the ride!
    Dave and I are in for another week and a bit. Hopefully we can hook up again.
    Great meeting you.

  • j0nes says:

    OMG the rings behind the tires that takes me back to 2001, Tower Shops in broward (north of Miami, FL.) the donks and alot of euro cars were running the neons behind the tires w/ the strobes in the wheel wells.

  • jackowacko says:

    the rims on the car are perfect to the look, and the rest is beutifial, all compact and neat.