YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG: Lock-up at Okegawa

May 19, 2009 2:05 pm Published by

Skidmarks that long usually mean you’ve had enough time to think about what you did wrong, what you should do next time, and to size up the dirt wall in front of you to see if there will be a next time or not.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • dousan says:

    worst feeling ever. locking up and freaking out. haha
    everything goes slow motion.
    and the impact is so loud.

  • zack says:

    haha o man!!! he didnt hit it! hes in reverse now!

  • Rob_180sx says:


  • Daniel says:

    LOL maybe he was in reverse to try and stop! 😛

    is that duct tape over the rear lights? like a really wide piece? or some other sort of jap styled stuff?

  • Warren says:

    next lap he’ll think ’bout it two times

  • MeZ says:

    dont forget when the airbag hits
    thats the best! *rolls eys* lol

  • Neil says:

    Let off the brakes!!!
    people never understand this. If your tires are locked up, no matter what you do with the wheel its not going to do anything. However if you steer then lift off the brake pedal, the car will turn away from whatever you are trying to avoid. Its a hard concept for some to grasp, lifting the brakes to avoid hitting things, lol. But it works, Dont know how many times that has saved my car for me.

  • Sneaky says:

    That’s an impressive number 11 right there, a lucky escape and a great photo. This car is winner of ‘world’s most stylishly applied duct tape with consideration to design.’

  • kyteler says:

    Reminds me of when my friend Adam and I were in his S12 going up the mountain roads near Queenstown, NZ and he locked it up coming into a large sweeper, I remember yelling at him to take his foot off the brakes, he had panicked though so that didn’t happen and sure enough we ended up mounting the embankment and the car was being held up by the front right and left rear wheels, you could wobble it side to side (albeit diagonally) is was pretty hilarious, the right amount of swaying got her back onto the road and we laughed all the way back into town. I have that car now. Fond memories!

  • Mendezz* says:

    That is the worst feeling ever, way worse than giving birth.

  • JonnyAE86 says:

    Noriyaro is loosing it Alexi… its just random snap nowadays… I miss the famous NoriYaro event coverage and epic meeting pics…

  • Alexi says:

    You can’t eat steak every day…

  • Matt says:

    You can’t ask for Christmas everyday. It only comes once or twice a year for some.

    Yes, big long lock ups are quite funny sometimes, specially at low speeds.

  • Kei Car says:

    Yup that is a bad slide

  • zack says:

    ^^^^ best quote ever adding that to my forum signature

  • Lorenzo says:

    The Duct tape is what the Japs are told to do at the tracks so when they smack something/someone bits of glass will not be scattered on the track puncturing anyone else’s tires etc.
    They don’t say much to “Gaijins” (foreigners) but I just put the thick clear tape on my lights so it wouldn’t look so bad.

    Mendezz: looking at his #11 I think he/she probably did give birth on the way to that dirt wall.